Wool Wedding Anniversary Gifts for a Special Couple

The approach of a full seven years of marriage can seem somewhat daunting, and in my conclusion to this article, you can find out why! Assuming, however, that all is well, and you are looking for wool wedding anniversary gifts for a special couple, then I have some ideas and suggestions for you. If you are not thrilled at the thought of giving a woollen gift, which can be seen as a little dull, then you have the option of flower and gemstone symbols for further inspiration. If you are looking for something unusual and undoubtedly memorable, then the afternoon tea experience as detailed below may well appeal.

The History of Wool

Seventh Anniversary

There are different types of wool, but basically, they are all fibres that came from animals, which are easy to spin to create fabrics. The most common form is from sheep, and the rarer, and therefore more expensive, is cashmere from goats and angora from rabbits. Wool is known for its ability to retain heat and was first used for garments in 300BC. It wasn’t until medieval times that wool traders became an important part of the economy, especially in England, which was a major exporter to other countries at that time. It can be used for blankets and carpeting. 

Why is Wool the Symbol for a Seven Year Anniversary?

Wool is not the most romantic of materials but can symbolise the concept of love offering comfort and warmth between a couple. It also represents durability and security, both of which are important features in a marriage. In ancient Roman times, the newlywed bride would touch the threshold of the couple’s new home with wool, to bring good fortune and strength to the household. Wool is also mentioned in the Bible, describing women who spin the yarn as being of noble character, and therefore ideal as a wife. The seventh anniversary represents 2555 days together, showing a strong bond.

Seventh Anniversary

Wool Wedding Anniversary Gifts for a Special Couple

If you are buying for a quirky couple who have a sense of humour, they might appreciate this wool pattern grey mouse pad. This has not been released yet, so I haven’t seen it in person, but its certainly an intriguing idea. Its made of heavy-duty recycled rubber, with a matte finish and printed with grey wool detail and the message of celebrating 7 years together. For an individual gift, which your spouse might appreciate, I have found this elegant oversized patchwork pashmina wrap. It has an attractive multi plaid checked pattern in various shades of grey with fringing details.

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Wool Shawl

Afternoon Tea at Woolley Grange!

This is a gift with a twist; it still makes use of the wool theme but in an unusual way. Vouchers are available, valid for 10 months, which treat the anniversary couple, or yourselves, to a delicious afternoon tea at this beautiful hotel in Wiltshire. It is situated in glorious grounds, which you are welcome to explore, and is on the outskirts of a medieval wool town; so appropriate for the seventh anniversary! The Jacobean manor house is the perfect setting for your traditional tea, sandwiches, cakes and scones. Please note, there is a smart casual dress code.

Wedding Anniversary

Which Flower Represents the Seventh Wedding Anniversary?

The flower of the seventh wedding anniversary is the beautiful freesia, known for its heady perfume and bright colours. The flowers can be either white, pink, yellow, red or pale purple, and although native to South Africa, they are usually imported from the Netherlands. They are particularly popular in wedding bouquets, and their lovely perfume is used for candles, hand creams and shampoo. The citrus scent is said to promote relaxation and relieve stress, but the plane has no medicinal value. The freesia signifies friendship, innocence and sweetness, and can last for up to ten days when displayed in a vase.

Seventh Anniversary

Ideas for Freesia Gifts

What could be nicer than a stunning bouquet, with the delicious fragrance of the freesia? This particular arrangement is called Niagara and is available in three sizes, hand-tied by the renowned artist Haute Florist. Complementing the freesias are agapanthus, iris, roses and thistle dashes. For something other than flowers, but still, with the delightful fragrance, I can recommend this scented reed diffuser gift set. Created by Ashleigh & Burwood, the set contains a bottle of gorgeous fragrance, a mix of freesias and orchids, plus 8 reeds and it comes in a pretty printed box.

Freesia Gift

Is There a Gemstone for Seven Years?

The gemstone which symbolises seven years of marriage is the unusual onyx, which actually gets its name from the Greek word for a fingernail. Its appearance is unique, in that it has parallel bands of alternating colours, with black being the most well-known variety. It is found throughout the world and is associated with many superstitions. Ancient Roman soldiers would carry amulets of onyx, engraved with the god of war, to instil courage. During the Renaissance period in Europe, the wearing of onyx was supposed to bestow the gift of eloquence and fine speech. Persians believed it helped with epilepsy.

Onyx Gift

Unusual Onyx Gift Ideas

For an unusual gift which incorporates onyx, and is sure to be a talking point, why not consider this set of Himalayan marble eggs? Other than onyx, there are fossilstone and black marble, each with its own stand. The eggs are made of genuine Himalayan marble and each set is unique. Still staying away from the obvious choice of jewellery, any couple would be delighted to receive this sophisticated scented candle in evening onyx. The fragrance is a heady mix of black orchid, jasmine leaf and sandalwood, perfect for any room in the house.

Onyx Candle

As the couple reaches this point in their marriage, I do have to touch upon what is familiarly known as the “seven-year itch.” This unfortunate term implies that the marriage has become strained and the level of happiness has declined, leading to affairs and unfaithfulness. It is actually backed by statistics, which show that most divorces are initiated after seven years. Let’s not dwell on this situation, but hope the couple will enjoy their seventh wedding anniversary. If you enjoyed this article, or have any comments or questions, please leave them below, and I will get back to you.

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16 thoughts on “Wool Wedding Anniversary Gifts for a Special Couple”

  1. Hi Diane,

    Nice post. I am actually searching for a 7-year anniversary gift for my wife. Your article helps me a lot on choosing which item to buy related to a 7th-year anniversary. I was really undecided to buy. But I read your conclusion. I realize 7 years of marriage is a great achievement. So I must at least buy some memorable present for me and my wife. Thanks, Diane.

  2. As awkward as it may seem these are really good gift for special couple but sometimes most couples might tend not to appreciate this gift as they consider it worthless for an anniversary gift because they might have no use for it, let take the wool for instance, many couples might not understand it symbolizes the warmth and comfort of the couple but would rather see it as just wool. in my opinion these qualify as a good gift for an anniversary it’s left for the couple to understand its meaning. 

    • Hi – thanks for your interesting comments. Yes, its true, if the couple does not know the symbols of each anniversary, they may wonder why they have been given a gift of wool. All the best, Diane

  3. Hi Diane – I really enjoyed learning that wool symbolizes 7 years of marriage.   And also learning the history behind it, very interesting.   I also like the alternative ideas with the flower and gemstone which also represents the 7 year anniversary.   I have not been married for 7 years yet, but will keep these ideas in mind.

    Very interesting topic, thank you for this information.


  4. My husband and I have been together for 8 but married for 4 which one should we count? That 7 years curse is real though. I have 2 of my friends who are going through a divorce as we speak. To be honest, this is the first time that I’ ve heard about wool and it symbolizes marriage. I am from Thailand, I don’t think we have anything like that. We only celebrate an anniversary and that was that. Thank you for teaching me about western culture 🙂 It is very thoughtful. Hopefully, I get to give wool to a happy couple someday. 

    • Hi – thank you for stopping by and leaving comments. It is interesting that your culture in Thailand doesn’t celebrate anniversaries in the same way as in the west. I too have learnt something today! All the best, Diane

  5. Diane, your post is timely for me.  Some good friends will be celebrating their seventh soon.  

    Fortunately, the seven-year-itch thing doesn’t seem to be a factor.  They are good enough friends that an anti-itch gift (like Calamine lotion) would be good for a laugh, but I think I’ll go do something warm and fuzzy instead.  (She can run faster than me and she does throw a very solid punch!)

    The factoid that there is some statistical back-up to that old cliche is sort of mind-boggling when you think about it.  

  6. I  was searching for the best gift on my 7 years wedding anniversary and found your post. This is interesting. I never know that onyx symbolizes 7 years of marriage. I thought this type of stone is only used in China for engraving some religion-related symbols. I  had one at home. Any onyx wearable you can recommend for man? 

    • Hi – thank you for reading my article and leaving comments. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. I have found some nice men’s onyx bracelets, here on Amazon. All the best, Diane

  7. Good afternoon Diane, 

    Now I learned something new by reading your post. I had no idea that the 7 years we called the Wool Wedding Anniversary. I think that is a very appropriate name as it is warm and cuddly, who does not like wool? I  Iike  your Patchwork Pashmina but as it is not made of wool I would not buy it as a gift. I would opt for your next idea, afternoon tea voucher. That sounds romantic to have afternoon tea, go to this hotel nicely dressed up and enjoy the surroundings while eating all kind of delicacies. I love the smell of freesias, I have them growing in the garden. I will have to keep your post in mind. Up to my 7 years.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske – thank you for reading my post and leaving comments. The afternoon tea is my favourite, and I think it would be nice to start a tradition and go back every year. All the best, Diane

  8. Hi Diane,

    I enjoyed this post greatly and learned a lot. I have a very special couple in mind, a niece and her husband, who will soon be celebrating the seventh anniversary.  I would love to give them something a little bit special but I’ve been stumped. You’ve offered several unique ideas here that I really appreciate. I had no idea that the freesia represented seven years. This has gotten the ideas flowing. Thanks for the great info! 


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