How to Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary

The third anniversary is symbolised by the stunning moonstone, which is found easily as a jewellery item, may be somewhat difficult to source as a more unusual gift. It belongs to the family of feldspars and can be found in a variety of colours including blue, green and yellow. The soft glowing sheen of the moonstone is actually called adularescence, with the rainbow variety being the most sought after.

Anniversary Gifts

The stone can be found in many countries, but particularly in Brazil, India and Mexico. A common superstition is a belief, that as the moonstone is associated with fertility if you plant one in your vegetable patch during a full moon, you will have a good harvest! I would be interested to know if anybody has actually tried this.

Gift Ideas

Here I have found two rings that are out of the ordinary, but also two ideas that are definitely out of the box! I hope you enjoy these unique moonstone ideas to celebrate three years. As it is also the birthstone for the month of June, some of these gifts will also be suitable for that occasion.

Third Anniversary

Afternoon Tea at Moonfleet Manor

Now, this may be stretching the term moonstone a little, but it’s such a pleasant experience, I thought it deserved to be here! Moonfleet Manor is a gorgeous country house, situated in Dorset, which overlooks the world-famous Chesil Beach. Afternoon tea here is a time to be pampered and includes four different finger sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, cakes, gateau and a choice of tea and coffee. You can purchase a voucher which covers the cost of afternoon tea for two, which is valid for 10 months, giving either yourselves or the anniversary couple plenty of time to choose a date and book.

Wedding Anniversary

Facts About Moonstone

  • The Romans were particularly fond of using this gemstone in jewellery

The citizens of ancient Rome genuinely believed that the stone was created from the light of the moon, and used it to craft beautiful jewellery

  • It is believed to encourage good fortune

Moonstone is also said to balance the elements of yin and yang, and to reignite the passion in married couples, hopefully not sadly lacking after only three years!

  • Moonstone is said to have healing properties

There is no scientific evidence for any of these theories, but apparently, moonstone promotes digestion, calms the emotions, protects against epilepsy and cures headaches.

  • It is considered a sacred stone in India

Moonstone is believed to have been inserted into the forehead of Ganesh, the Hindu god of the moon, and was thought to have been created from solidified moonbeams.

  • This gemstone allegedly allows you to see into the future

I don’t recommend you try this, but by holding this gemstone in your mouth, by the light of the full moon, you are supposed to be able to see into the future.

Faceted Ladies Opalite Moonstone Ring

I have chosen this particular jewellery item as it is an unusual style, in that the entire ring is made of opalite moonstone, rather than just being set with one stone. Opalite is a synthetic moonstone and is said to be a healing crystal which boosts self-esteem. The intricate faceted surface of the ring allows it to catch the light and reveal its beautiful blue and white shimmer. Each ring is unique and has an elegant, yet simple design. It has a width of 6 mm and weighs 2.5 g. It comes in different sizes, so please ensure you study the description carefully on Amazon.

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The Moonstone in Fiction

One of the most famous early detective novels was that of “The Moonstone” by the English writer, Wilkie Collins. It was first published in 1868, and confusingly, the moonstone in the title actually refers to a diamond. The story tells of a young girl who inherits a fabulous diamond, which is stolen on her 18th birthday, and there are many twists and turns to uncover the thief. In 1996, it was made into a two-part television series starring Greg Wise and Keeley Hawes.

The Moonstone in Music

There are actually some pretty famous songs which contain the word moonstone in their lyrics. One of the most well-known is Moonstone by Cat Stevens, which includes the lines “and then I stopped, looked, and then I was hooked.
I saw a flash, then a sparkle from a moonstone.”

Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Ring

This gorgeous ring has the much sought after rainbow moonstone, which has multicoloured hues which shimmer as the stone catches the light with every movement. It is handmade and set with a stone which has not been treated in any way, making it non-allergic and suitable for those with sensitive skin. Each ring is unique and the oval cabochon cut stone, which is in a 925 bezel sterling silver setting, measures 10 x 14 mm. The clarity varies from translucent to opaque, and cracks within the surface are to be expected, as these are characteristic of rainbow moonstones.

Anniversary Ring

Rose Bouquet and Moonstone Wine

Well, did you know there was a wine called Moonstone? This will really impress the anniversary couple or your spouse, as it will show that you have researched an unusual item! This exquisite gift set has everything you need for a grand celebration and consists of a stunning bouquet, a bottle of sparkling Moonstone wine, delicious bonbon sweets and a cute teddy bear. The flowers are a mix of freesia and roses, with the greenery provided by the addition of pistacia leaves. A personalised gift card can be added for a thoughtful touch. With next day delivery available, there is no excuse for forgetting that all-important third wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Bouquet

Thank you for reading my anniversary suggestions, and I hope these unique moonstone ideas to celebrate three years have given you some inspiration. Of course, they are equally suitable for other occasions such as birthdays or mothers day. I would be delighted to read any thoughts which you may have, or perhaps you would like to leave your own review or different ideas.

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  1. Hi Danie

    I have read your article about “Celebrate Three Years Anniversary With Moonstone”. This is really good thinking. Last week my friend invited me to celebrate his third anniversary. Also, ask for advice on what should he buy for this anniversary. Now I thinking this is great for his three years anniversary. I will suggest him to buy an opalite moonstone ring. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful article.

  2. Hi Diane, Your web site is really cool and the article is impressive as well. After reading this article my wife and I crazy together. We have married approximately two years ago. My wife has now said that in our third anniversary she will have to buy the ring of moonlight moonstone. I am also looking forward to that day. You have given us a great opportunity to become emotional. Be healthy, be happy.

    • Hi – thank you for your nice comments. I hope you and your wife enjoy your upcoming anniversary. I am sure she will be delighted with whichever gift you choose. All the best, Diane.

  3. This is really timely coming across your site to see these lovely moonstone ideas. These are wonderfully  created  jewels and they really look unique and beautifully made. Unfortunately, am not married but I will suggest this to my uncle to buy one to celebrate his upcoming wedding anniversary with his wife. I am 1000% sure his wife is gonna love it. 

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your article.  If I wasn’t a fan of moonstones before, I am now!  You managed to connect it to some of my favourite pastimes … afternoon tea, reading fictional mysteries, Cat Stevens!

    Will an opalite moonstone ring work just as good as a single stone moonstone for an evening communing with the full moon to predict my future, you think?  It is such an amusing notion that I’m tempted to buy it as a little fun treat for myself.

    I can’t wait to see what you’ll write when you do my birthstone (hint hint).

    Thank you for a highly entertaining read! 🙂

    • Hi – thank you for your lovely comments. I am glad it appealed to you, mysteries are one of my favourites too. Do let me know if you manage to predict the future! All the best, Diane

  5. It was good knowing the things the moonstone is known for in Rome and also in India. Everything I have learnt about this moonstone is amazing and intriguing. The healing properties of the moonstone, the attracting of good fortune and good things. Looking into the future. This is the one that supposed. How could this be possible to look into the future with the moonstone.?? 

    • Hi – thank you for reading my article. I can’t imagine that it’s true that using moonstones will help you see into the future, just a legend. All the best, Diane

  6. This is quite a good and emotional way to celebrate your third anniversary. This is a really well-crafted celebration. It so painful I am yet to marry because all these wonderful jewels and these moonstone rings you have listed would have been a perfect gift. But her birthday is around the corner. that is still cool.

  7. I recently got into crystals for personal development, so I purchase some moonstone. I haven’t experienced much time related dimensional shifts as you described, instead it has a very calming serene effect on my body. It made me feel like I was floating in an endless ocean that was the perfect temperature. Have you experienced any weird things from using moonstone, like holding it in your mouth on a full moon showing you the future?

    • Hi – thank you for your interesting comments. I haven’t yet tried to predict the future using a moonstone, but I am tempted to bury one in my vegetable patch to see if it really does encourage growth! All the best, Diane

  8. Wow, you’ve listed adorable ways to celebrate our third year anniversary. I particularly love the moonstone ring because it’s exquisite and really budget friendly. However, my lady really love necklaces, so I moonstone necklace will be ideal.

    Since it’s believed that moonstones can give good luck, maybe we will have good fortunes with having a child when she puts this on.


  9. Hi there, thanks for dropping this wonderful gifts for celebrating third year anniversary, this actually a very beautiful and attractive idea to celebrate third year anniversary, I must everybody planning ahead to celebrate their third year anniversary need to read this and get something tangible from it. I personally love  the Rose Bouquet and Moonstone Wine. It is well crafted for celebration.

  10. There is a great idea about anniversary gifts even though I have heard about some stones, I’ve never heard about the moonstone except in movies. I wish to know if these stone can be bought in local markets or otherwise, would love to give it a try. Keep up the good work. Waiting for your next interesting post. 

  11. These are cute and attractive ideas to celebrate your third anniversary. 

    I love the Rose Bouquet and Moonstone Wine. It is well crafted for celebration. I will follow it by the  Afternoon Tea at Moonfleet Manor. I loved this.

    I need a nice present and this is – Faceted Ladies Opalite Moonstone Ring.

    The post has presented these unique gifts and ideas in an awesome way. 

    One can pick choose based on your budget.

      We never celebrate this anniversaries  in my culture because when we marry and promise near the fire, we do it for the next seven births. My spouse does not believe in anniversary. I will make him read this post and ask him to gift me one as a belated gift.

    Well, saying that the current generations love gifting, celebrating and enjoying in anniversaries. This post got me engaged quickly and I enjoyed reading it.

    • Hi – thank you for reading and adding comments. That is very interesting that some cultures do not celebrate anniversaries, and I will be reading more about that. All the gifts are suitable for other occasions, so perhaps your spouse could select something for your birthday! All the best, Diane

  12. Well these are masterly created  jewels and the look unique and beautifully made so why not buy one for my wife for  celebration of our  wedding anniversary that is coming very soon .I  can’t go wrong with such a unique gem for that great day  with a great lady  who have been on my said for all those. Many years

  13. Your post is timely I just stumbled across your site and was happy to find the moonstone rings you have listed and described … awesome. My partners birthday  is just around the corner and she was showing interest in a moonstone ring, I really like the looks of the Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Ring and I think I will be ordering it soon, I love buying  on Amazon it’s worry-free shopping, Thank you .

    • Hi – thank you for your comments, and I am glad you found my site useful. I am sure your partner will adore the rainbow moonstone ring. All the best, Diane

  14. Hi Diane – I love the idea for your website, very unique.   I did not know that the moonstone symbolizes the 3rd anniversary.   Good to know.   I recently purchased a bracelet that was made with moonstone.  Your Moonstone wine discovery is great as well.

    I really enjoyed your post and will take a look at the rest of your website.

    Nice job,


  15. Hi there – thanks for introducing me to such decorative gifts! 

    My partner is from Bulgaria originally, and because of this, I’m wondering what Moonstone to choose as a gift for her. She obviously likes native-European things, and she still loves her country. I’m wondering which one of these examples would fit her background?

    • Hi – thanks for your comments. Instead of jewellery, perhaps you could buy your partner a set of Bulgarian natural soaps to remind her of home? I have found a lovely example here on Amazon. All the best, Diane

  16. I love this. My friends third year anniversary is coming up and he called me yesterday and was asking me what should he buy for his third year anniversary. Now I think these suggestions in these articles are great for the third year anniversary. I personally love the sterling silver ring but I’m going to share this to him and let him decide what he wants.

    Anyways thank you so much for sharing this article with us

  17. Thank you for this amazing post, it provided great insight into the best gifts one Can get to celebrate the third anniversary. I fancy the  Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Ring for its unique specs and the radiance that comes with it when it shimmers. I will recommend this to anyone and am wondering if it can be shipped to anywhere in the world. 

    • Hi – thank you for your comments. The rainbow moonstone ring really is lovely. I am not sure if it can be shipped outside the UK, you would need to ask the seller on Amazon. I am sure I could help you find something else if this is not an option. All the best, Diane 

  18. Wow, these are some impressive and unique  third-anniversary gifts! I’m especially attracted to the  gorgeous country house overlooking  the world-famous Chesil Beach. Not just to give away, but as a gift for myself and my hard-working wife. We absolutely need a break and this beautiful country house seems perfectly suited to us. Thank you for bringing in unique ideas!

    • Hi – thank you for reading and offering comments. I am sure your wife would be thrilled if you were to take a break at Chesil Beach, the location is stunning. All the best, Diane

  19. I like your suggestions for Moonstone products for a three-year anniversary  celebration. I am not a good shopper, in that, I do not enjoy spending hours meandering through a store or checking out many online stores to find something that will fit a special occasion.  

    The reviews and products related to my search I found in your article were exactly what I needed! It has saved me hours of valuable time. Not all the items, but at least two were perfect… 

    The suggestions that would be great but are impractical due to my location (Dubai) include the Moonstone Manor afternoon tea (I like this though, great idea) and the Rose Boquet and Moonstone Wine (again due to location). Lovely gifts, though!

    I will likely go with one of the two ring suggestions you have included, as I can use your link and order them online and have them delivered. That may seem like a cop-out, but it will work and show that I did think about the special day. I have bookmarked your website for the next time I need some quick advice on appropriate gifts. Thanks!

    • Hi – thanks for dropping by and reading my suggestions. If you ever hop over to England, I can definitely  recommend the afternoon tea! I am sure you will be delighted if you decide to purchase either of the rings. Keep reading for more gift ideas. All the best, Diane

  20. Diane,

    Just came across your anniversary gift suggestions for three years, these items you have listed are amazing.  The rings are exquisitely beautiful and the wine and flowers very tasteful.  But to get a gift certificate for the afternoon tea at the Moonfleet Manor there is a gift that would be memorable for a very long time.  Who knows you could even start an anniversary  tradition for some couples with that type of gift.  Keep up research on anniversary gifts many do not realize that for each year there is a new theme to them (especially men).

    Thank you,


    • Hi Susan – thank you for your lovely comments. That is a fabulous idea of starting a tradition for afternoon tea, something I would definitely look forward to each year. I am adding all the anniversaries eventually, and as you say, sometimes men need a little push in the right direction! All the best, Diane


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