The Best Gifts for a 2nd Wedding Anniversary 2020

Why Cotton for the Second Anniversary?

Cotton is the material which symbolises the second wedding anniversary, a celebration which is often overlooked, following the excitement of the first year. Cotton is a strong and flexible material, and can be seen to represent a couple beginning to “twine” together, the marriage itself becoming stronger after two years.

Second Anniversary

It is undoubtedly a fairly simple anniversary to buy for, as there are many cotton products, with suggestions including luxurious Egyptian cotton bed sheets, customised pillow or cushion cases, matching bath robes or a set of pretty towels. Here I hope to show you the best gifts for a cotton anniversary in 2020. 

The History of Cotton

The origin of cotton and its first use is unclear, but the earliest examples have been found in Mexico, and are believed to be over 7000 years old. It is certainly known that as far back as 3000 BC, citizens of Pakistan and Egypt were wearing cotton clothing, although the material wasn’t brought to Europe until around 800 AD. By the 17th century, cotton had been planted in the US, particularly in Florida and Virginia.

The next milestone for cotton was the advent of the industrial revolution in England, and the first recorded use of machines being used for spinning and weaving this versatile material.Machines were known to do the work 10 times faster than could be achieved by hand. By the beginning of the 18th century, the value of the cotton industry, in the US alone, had risen to a staggering $8 million.

Cotton Gift Hamper to Share

This gorgeous gift selection is bound to spark some romance into a second wedding anniversary celebration. The set includes some really sweet message cards, one for every week of the year, with sayings such as “you make the sky blue.” There is a gorgeous massage candle, blended with jojoba oil, to encourage a sensual experience together. Also, included is a heart-shaped white ceramic oil burner, with its own bottle of “Fresh Cotton” fragrance oil, and a pouch of scented granules. Everything is wrapped within an attractive cotton gift bag.

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Gift Set

Facts About Cotton

Just for fun, here are some random facts about cotton, that you may not know, or have ever considered before!

  • When Thomas Edison manufactured the first light bulb, he used cotton for the filament
  • The average American citizen owns seven pairs of cotton jeans at any one time
  • A regulation baseball contains 150 yards of cotton
  • A single bale of cotton weighs approximately 480 pounds
  • 75% of paper currency is made of cotton
  • Cotton Wedding

Mr and Mrs Embroidered Bathrobes

These luxurious white velour bathrobes are made from 100% cotton and are super absorbent. They each have a cute black-coloured embroidered logo of Mr or Mrs, and have useful side pockets. I don’t have this particular robe, but I do have one in purple from the same manufacturer, and its so warm and cosy! The fashionable shawl collar is a nice touch. The only problem I found was that they only come in two sizes, so even though I ordered the smallest one, it was a bit too big.

Cotton Bathrobes

Cotton isn’t the most exciting material in the world, so would you expect there to be any art, music, movies or poetry based around it? Well, as regards paintings, the cotton fields themselves are very picturesque and have often been featured in artworks. One of the most famous is by the Charleston artist, William Aiken Walker and is entitled “Cotton Pickers”, depicting the field slaves, as he tried to draw attention to their plight.

When it comes to music, there are over 2300 individual songs which include the word “cotton” in their lyrics, and astonishingly 38 musicians with this name! The most well-known song is probably “Cotton-Eye Joe” which has been covered by several artists, most notably by the Swedish band Rednex, which was a hit single over all over the world in 1994.

“If it hadn’t been for Cotton-Eye Joe

I’d been married a long time ago

Where did you come from, where did you go?

Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe?”

A popular movie is “The Cotton Club” starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane, set in a jazz nightclub in Harlem, and was nominated for two Oscars in 1984. The film is mostly remembered for going way over its intended budget and taking over five years to make. The subject matter was also seen to be controversial with its depiction of the strained race relations in the 1930s. The venue actually existed and was open from 1923 to 1940, featuring famous jazz musicians including Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Count Basie.

Escape to the Cottonwood Hotel

If you are looking for a memorable experience, rather than a physical gift, why not treat yourselves, or the happy couple, to an overnight stay at the Cottonwood Hotel in Dorset. And of course, the name ties in with the second wedding anniversary symbol! Located within a five-minute stroll to the beach at Bournemouth, this boutique hotel has lovely views over the sea. Gift vouchers are available for an overnight escape during the months of January to May, including a three-course dinner and a glass of fizz to celebrate! I have been dropping hints to my boyfriend to book a stay here but apparently, he’s not listening…

Cotton Anniversary

Share Your Story

I hope you enjoyed these facts and history all about cotton and learnt something new to amaze your friends with! I am sure you managed to find the best gifts for a cotton anniversary in 2019, using my suggestions. Please feel free to comment or add your own reviews, I will get back to you as soon as possible. And why not share your story? How did you celebrate your second anniversary? So, the second year is over, and now our thoughts turn to the next anniversary, the third, which is surprisingly celebrated by leather! Read my other articles to discover more about the lesser-known anniversaries.

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  1. Great ideas! I love your blog. I have one to share. My husband gave me a sketch of my wedding dress and his suit. This would work for a cotton paper or even a cotton mat for the frame.

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  3. This article was very interesting and informative. It was surprising that cotton had existed in Pakistan and Mexico and Egypt. I think that more cotton needs to be distributed because the material is healthier and is warm and cosy. Too many persons are having allergies from wearing other synthetic materials. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow, I had no idea a cotton anniversary even existed. I guess I hadn’t put a value on cotton beyond comfortable clothes. I wonder if there is a hemp anniversary, that’s something I would celebrate! It’s very cheap, abundant and can be made into almost anything. What are your thoughts about creating a Hemp anniversary? 🙂 

  5. What a lovely article to read, so many unusual ideas for gifs made from cotton or connected to cotton.

    Lots of  suggestions .

    The visuals really makes the article easy to read and encourages further reading.

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    I have read the whole article about The best gifts for a cotton anniversary 2019. Before reading your article honestly, I didn’t know about the history of cotton. After the reading of your article, I learned the history of cotton as well as many other things. I have learned that cotton was found in Mexico about 7000 years ago by reading your article. I was surprised to know that over 2300 individual   songs that have included the word cotton in their lyrics. It is also used in the embroidered sector to make fashionable warm clothes for us. If I didn’t read your article I won’t be able to know that information about cotton. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article. I will share this article with my family and friends so they can also know the various information about cotton.      

    • Hi – thank you for reading my article and leaving comments. I am pleased you have learnt something new and I appreciate you sharing with family and friends. All the best, Diane

  7. These are such great ideas for a cotton anniversary. I really, really like the bathrobes. To be honest, my husband and I don’t celebrate our anniversary with gifts, but now that I’ve seen some ideas on your site, I think I’m going to tell him that we’ll start over and try again. lol

    I really want that bathrobe! 

    And thank you, now I have “Cotton-Eye Joe” stuck in my head. Pretty soon I’m going to start doing the dance. 

    Anyway, I can’t wait to look around your site and see what other gifts I can tell my husband to buy me. Thank you!! 🙂 

    • Hi – thank you for visiting my site and leaving comments. I hope your husband treats you to the bathrobe. And yes, even as I was writing this article I had the song stuck in my mind! All the best, Diane

  8. Thank you for sharing the idea on what to give to our significant other on the second anniversary. I am going to have watched the Cotton Club out, this is the first time that I heard about this movie. This year will be our 5th anniversary and I am telling you I ran out of ideas. I never managed to come up with all these thoughtful gifts before. On our 1st anniversary, we went to Poconos and spent a week there, I brought some caviar and champagne. 2nd year we went to Ocean City, MA and basically ate a lot of crabs. 3rd year we went up to upstates NY for some camping and fishing. 4th year, I had to work so I did not think of anything, we just went out for a sushi dinner. Thank you for giving me some ideas, maybe this year we will watch the Cotton Club together 🙂

    • Hi – thank you for your great comments. I really appreciate you sharing your anniversary stories. I hope you enjoy your upcoming celebration. I do have some suggestions for a fifth anniversary, take a look at my article here. All the best, Diane 


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