Bronze Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Unique Celebration

Why is Bronze the Symbol for the Eighth Anniversary?

As bronze is an amalgamation of tin and copper, so it can be seen that marriage is the joining of two people, who together are stronger. It represents the strength that has been achieved over eight years, combining time and perseverance. Bronze is said to have healing powers and can symbolise the healthy state of marriage, overcoming any challenges and obstacles by working together as a couple. As bronze today is mainly used for electrical connectors, it’s hardly the most romantic of materials!

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What is a Five Year Anniversary Gift?

Five years is the first big milestone when it comes to celebrating a marriage and anniversaries. It is one of the few anniversaries where the traditional gift is the same. This is regardless as to what part of the world you are from. In this case, wood is the symbol for five years. The tradition began with the cutting of a piece of wood on the actual anniversary date. This was for crafting into an article for the lucky wife. Today, there are plenty of gift ideas for a five-year wedding anniversary. Here I offer some suggestions and interesting facts.

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Gift Ideas for a First Wedding Anniversary 2020

Ideas or a Paper Wedding Anniversary 2020

You may think that celebrating wedding anniversaries is a relatively modern tradition. In reality, the practice dates back to the Roman Empire. However, only for the 25th and the 50th anniversary. This remained the case until the onset of the Victorian era when the other anniversaries were named with their own specific gifts, flower and gemstone.

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