The Best Gifts for a 2nd Wedding Anniversary 2020

Why Cotton for the Second Anniversary?

Cotton is the material which symbolises the second wedding anniversary, a celebration which is often overlooked, following the excitement of the first year. Cotton is a strong and flexible material, and can be seen to represent a couple beginning to “twine” together, the marriage itself becoming stronger after two years.

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Garnet Stone Gift for Second Wedding Anniversary

Garnet Stone Gifts for a Second Wedding Anniversary

The much celebrated second wedding anniversary is associated with the beautiful gemstone, the garnet. Ancient Romans were particularly fond of garnets. While the word garnet comes from an old English word which means dark red, it can also be found in other colours, with blue being the rarest and most valuable. The clear examples are the ones used for jewellery, ornaments and healing crystals, while the other opaque garnets are used in industry as an abrasive. The stones are mined primarily in northwestern India, but synthetic versions can also be created in laboratories. Garnet symbolises energy, health and passion, perfect for anniversaries!

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