Sunflower Gift Ideas for a Third Anniversary

The sunflower is a favourite theme for decorating many items, making it easy to choose something appropriate and suitable, no matter what your budget or taste. The first thing that springs to my mind when thinking of sunflowers is the series of paintings by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. Unfortunately, he is better known for severing his own ear and his psychotic episodes, culminating in his suicide at the age of 37. After that happy story, here are my favourite sunflower gift ideas for a third anniversary!

Sunflower Gifts

The Van Gogh Sunflower Bouquet

Well, it seems appropriate that I start with this aptly named bouquet, which represents Van Gogh’s most famous painting! This is a glorious selection of brightly coloured sunflowers, cleverly complemented with birch twigs for an interesting contrast. It has been crafted by an experienced floral artist and is available for next day delivery.

Sunflower Anniversary

Facts About Sunflowers

  • They were introduced to Russia by royalty. Tsar Peter the Great first spotted sunflowers on a trip to the Netherlands and took some home with him. Their popularity rose when it was decreed that consuming sunflower oil was not forbidden during the period of Lent. Prior to this, the Russian Orthodox Church banned the consumption of all other oils.
  • They do actually need the sun to grow and thrive and prefer from six to eight hours per day. This allows them to reach their maximum height of 16 feet, assuming they are not planted too close together, which stunts their growth.
  • The world’s tallest sunflower reached a staggering 30 feet, and surprisingly, the same gardener held the record for three years in a row. The flower required scaffolding to keep it upright and had to be measured by the local fire brigade.
  • Sunflower Anniversary
  • Sunflowers have been grown in space. In 2012, a United States astronaut named Don Pettit took some sunflower seeds to the International Space Station, where he successfully grew them.
  • They can be a useful household tool. Once the flower heads have died, and the seeds have been removed, they can be used as scrubbing pads; an environmentally friendly method for household chores.

Willow Tree Warm Embrace Figurine

Willow Tree figurines are widely admired and collected worldwide, and this particular one is perfect for the third anniversary. This pretty hand-made figure is that of a young girl, hiding shyly behind a bunch of colourful, yellow sunflowers, and is created with an attractive carved wood effect. It is hand-painted using lead-free paint and comes with a branded gift box. The artist, Susan Lordi, hand cuts each piece, to begin with, in her studio in Kansas City, before they are reproduced in resin and individually hand-painted. They are actually based on her own family and friends! Imagine being immortalised in this way, on display in houses throughout the whole world! The emotive sculpture represents closeness, courage and healing and can be displayed alone or with others from the Willow Tree collection.

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Sunflower Gift

Half Day Flower Arranging Experience

Well, I can’t guarantee it will include sunflowers, but this experience is a lovely idea to create lasting memories of a day out to celebrate a third wedding anniversary! This exciting and entertaining workshop lasts for approximately four hours, either morning or afternoon, and takes place in Staffordshire. Visitors and guests are encouraged to get hands-on in the art of flower arranging and will get to take their unique creation home with them. The tutor is an experienced florist and happy to help those with no experience.

Third Wedding Anniversary

Sunflower Print Large Scarf

For those of you with the confidence to wear bright colours, this is a gorgeous scarf by Lina and Lily, with a gold and grey sunflower print. Made of super soft, high-quality polyester, it is deliberately oversized at 70 inches long to be worn in numerous styles. I do actually own one of these myself, and it always brings compliments whenever I wear it. I have even used it as a cover-up when on holiday at the beach!

Sunflower Scarf

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Silver Sunflower with Swarovski Crystal

This is a stunning piece and sure to delight the couple celebrating their third anniversary. It is sculpted in bright silver metal, with two realistic leaves and a beautiful sunflower head with many petals. Carefully embedded in the flower itself are pink and red Swarovski crystal elements which sparkle in the sunlight, making it ideal to display on a windowsill. It measures 6.5cm wide x 13.5cm high x 5.5cm deep and weighs 99.8g. Unfortunately, I thought the gift box was rather plain and uninspiring, so I took the sunflower out and placed it in something much more attractive before giving it to my friends. This is the only thing that lets this product down.

Flower Gift

Candy Flower Making Masterclass

Not quite sunflowers, but I hope you will forgive me for including this, as it still has a flower theme, and is a really unusual idea for a gift. This experience is available from Spun Candy, a premium manufacturer of sweets, who make delicious homemade candy in London. This opportunity allows you to get hands-on and create your own candy creation, which you can take home to surprise your loved one!

Sunflower Anniversary

The class lasts 90 minutes and begins with a welcome drink, your choice of beer, prosecco or a soft drink, and an introduction to the world of candy, and the science behind it. Then the magic begins, and you get to create your very own candy flowers! The voucher for this experience is valid for 10 months, and you must notify the company in advance if you have any allergies.

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Who would believe that the first three years have gone so quickly? The fourth anniversary will be here before you know it. Time undoubtedly does fly when you are having fun! I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews and found them useful in choosing your own gift for a third wedding anniversary. You are welcome to add comments, questions and your own reviews if you wish.

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  1. This is a real beauty I must say that I really love the pretty young girl on a white gown hiding shyly behind a bunch of yellow sunflowers. I really appreciate the artist that created this wonderful work. This is really a good and nice thing to look at and l my respect goes to the artist and the author for posting such a wonderful article.

  2. I  love your post, because Sunflowers were my mom’s favorite flower. 

    Loved the background facts to this beautiful flower. From  The introduction to Russia by royalty, to how high they grow, I found the information of interest. I must say that we never had  a height of 16 feet, which is their maximum.

    I know that my wife would love  the Silver Sunflower with Swarovski Crystal. Thank you for that lovely gift idea.


    • Hi Dave – thank you for your comments, and I hope my article brought back some happy memories. I am pleased you enjoyed reading the facts, and I hope you consider buying the silver sunflower for your wife. All the best, Diane.

  3. In less than a few minutes I’ve learned a brief history of Vincent Van Gogh, I know that the tallest flower was up to 30ft and that it required a scaffold! That’s awesome. What’s more? I love the simplistic and minimalist way you present your site. I find it weirdly appealing.

    Your content has a wealth of information in it (length implies strength). It makes me want to go out and buy anniversary flowers even though I have nothing to celebrate. 

    Awesome job Diane!


  4. Sunflowers are always such a cheerful gift! Or if always seems that way. While I don’t plan on buying a wedding anniversary gift right now, I’m debating buying the scarf for me! I freaking love that one. The candy making class would be a freaking awesome anniversary gift for a couple. Learning to make your own candy while drinking a nice beer? Count me in! 

    • Hi – thank you for your lovely comments. I hope you buy the scarf, I wear mine practically all year round. And yes, candy and beer, what’s not to like? All the best, Diane.  

  5. First off, the sunflower facts were amazing, especially the one stating they were successfully grown in space along with the history lesson regarding Tsar Peter the Great. Secondly, the candy flower masterclass idea caught my attention, and while I don’t have an anniversary coming up, it would be tough to pass up on to celebrate the third anniversary with it. It would be a fun experience. 

    • Hi – thank you for your comments. I am pleased you enjoyed the sunflower facts and thought the candy flower class was a fun idea. All the best, Diane

  6. I love this site, Diane. Your composition is delicate and exquisite and I just love the gift ideas you offer. I will come here to shop on birthdays and share your website with my friends on facebook.

    • Hi Teri – thank you for your kind comments. I am delighted that you are going to share my website with your friends, and I hope you all enjoy choosing from my range of gifts. All the best, Diane

  7. Hi! This is a real beauty! I really love the pretty young girl, hiding shyly behind a bunch of yellow sunflowers. I highly respect the artist that creates this. I have been following Susan Lordi on Instagram. And have been paying attention to all her wonderful work. She created this Willow Tree Warm Embrace Figurine on January 2000. And I have been a fan of her work ever since.

    • Hi – thank you for your thoughtful comments. The Willow Tree figurines are very popular, and this one in particular really captures the young girl’s shyness and emotions. They make the perfect gift for any occasion. All the best, Diane

  8. My second wedding anniversary is up this year.  My third wedding anniversary will be in 2020, but I can now see and plan for it. I am a lover of paintings and am not particularly fussy on what kind as long as it is a beautiful one.  Sculptures, I also love and am so tempted to change this suggestion for the second anniversary with the Willow Tree figurine.

    • Hi – thank you for your comments. Everybody loves  the Willow Tree figurines and they are suitable for any occasion. Congratulations on your upcoming second anniversary. All the best, Diane

  9. Wow I love the collection of beautiful gift items for wedding anniversary. I celebrated my 3rd year wedding anniversary last year but not with great and colourful gifts like these. My fourth weeding anniversary shall be coming up in November but I will like to celebrate my wife’s birthday for her in style come in May. Do you have any suggestion of beautiful gift item to present to her. 

    I will also be preparing for our 4th wedding anniversary. Half Day Flower Arranging Experience caught my attention and I pray may God keep us till then. Amen. 

    • Hi – thank you for reading my review and for adding your comments. Congratulations on four years of marriage in November. Any of my gift suggestions are suitable for birthdays as well, so you may wish to read my other articles for something suitable for your wife. All the best, Diane


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