Hydrangea Themed Ideas for a Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

When searching for gifts with a flower theme relating to one particularly anniversary, the choice can sometimes be overwhelming. With regard to the fourth wedding anniversary, the symbolic flower is the hydrangea. This theme is available on lots of homeware items. Its colour ranges from pale blue to pink and is due to the level of acidity in the soil.

I particularly enjoy giving a gift that the couple may not buy for themselves. Perhaps they see it as as a little too indulgent. In this case, I am recommending a set of fine bone china mugs. They are very attractive and have a vintage palace shape style. This means they are shorter and wider than you might expect. Amazingly, they have lines of real gold, which encircle the rim, the base and flow onto the handles.

Dainty, Yet Durable

Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas

The mugs have pink hydrangeas, with their green leaves, on a white background. Made of translucent bone china, they have a dainty appearance but, in reality, are very durable. They have a gift tag, confirming their name of Summer Hydrangea, and could be the start of a collection, as other designs are available, including different flowers, birds and landscapes.

Suitable for tea, coffee or hot chocolate, the happy couple will feel like royalty when drinking from these elegant mugs! You could, of course, treat yourself to this lovely set. They are pretty enough to keep on display, rather than tucked away in a cupboard.

Anniversary Gifts

It has to be noted, that given their delicacy, they have to be hand-washed and cannot be used in a microwave. The set contains four mugs, each having a capacity of 300 ml (10.5 fl oz).

The set is available through Creative Tops on Amazon and has free shipping.

Overall, I would recommend these fine bone china printed mugs, with the only downside being a small capacity. Not suitable for anybody that enjoys a big mug of coffee to get them going in the morning!

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Gift Set

Hydrangeas in Modern Media

Hydrangeas are often featured in works of art, and one of the most renowned painters of this flower and others, is the Polish artist, Gabryela Wasowicz. Her paintings have been exhibited at the National Museum of Krakow and one of her most famous pieces is simply entitled “Hydrangea”.

There are surprisingly few songs which feature hydrangeas in their lyrics, but one of my favourites is “Old Money” by the American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. The song actually opens with the following lines:

“Blue hydrangea, cold cash divine

Cashmere, cologne and white sunshine

Red racing cars, sunset and vine”

Perhaps the couple celebrating enjoy reading; an unusual idea is the gift of a book which has the name of this stunning bloom in its title. “Blue Hydrangeas: an Alzheimer’s love story” is by Marianne Sciucco, and is a heartwarming story of a couple facing the ultimate challenge of trying to run a bed and breakfast of their dreams, while coping with the devastating effects of this terrible disease. Be warned though, it made me cry, so perhaps not the most romantic of gifts!

Romance Book

Silk Hydrangea Bouquet

If you wish to give the gift of flowers, but prefer something a little longer-lasting, then you could consider a silk bouquet. The one I am recommending is particularly beautiful and perfect for this anniversary, as it is comprised of three realistic hydrangeas. They are crafted from high-quality, durable silk and are presented in a clear glass vase, with attractive pebbles, set in resin.

Anniversary Gift

Even the water in the vase looks realistic, making this an ideal luxury gift that stands the test of time and will fit in with any decor scheme. The hydrangeas can be further personalised by adding a cute teddy bear or some delicious chocolates. If thinking of this as a Valentine’s Day present, then there is the option to add a stunning scarlet balloon. Next day delivery is available for last-minute orders.

Hydrangea Superstitions

Just as many flowers do, the lovely hydrangea has many weird and wonderful superstitions attached to it. For example, in Japan, it is said to represent sincerity, as one of the ancient emperors used the flower to apologise, after upsetting the family of a girl he loved. If you should happen to be cursed by a witch, you can allegedly break the spell by burning the bark of the hydrangea. However, bearing in mind, that the plant contains poisonous cyanide, this probably isn’t a good idea!

Fourth Anniversary

The giving of hydrangeas can be fraught with difficulty. On the one hand, they represent abundance and gratitude, but they also symbolise heartlessness, and if you were to plant one near your door, it would ruin the chances of your daughters ever getting married! Victorian gentlemen would also send flowers to any ladies who had turned down their advances, with hydrangeas, in particular, signifying frigidity!

Floral Metal Storage Tin Box

If you are looking for another idea with a hydrangea theme, this floral metal storage tin box might fit the bill. This storage tin has a removable lid printed with attractive pink hydrangeas and is suitable for a number of uses. I personally keep biscuits in mine, as it is airtight and keeps them fresh. Other ideas include art supplies, sewing items, craft accessories, sweets and candies or hardware such as nails and screws. It would also be ideal as a first aid tin.

The design is printed using a special sublimation process which ensures it won’t fade. The box measures a generous 18.4 x 11.4 x 5.5 cm and is available through Duke Gifts on Amazon. 

I can definitely recommend this as a gift for a wedding anniversary or any other occasion, as it is strong and sturdy, and different designs are available if required.

Hydrangea Gift

I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you have any questions about the fine bone china printed mugs, the silk bouquet or the floral metal storage tin box, or simply want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

Anniversary Gifts

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24 thoughts on “Hydrangea Themed Ideas for a Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Hydrangea are beautiful flowers. The fine bone cups looks beautiful and would make a wonderful gift. But why are they called “fine bone”? Are they actually made of bones of some animal? Anyways, with the gold lining and floral decoration, I think they would make delicate and awesome experience drinking with these cups. 

    • Hi – thank you for your comments. Yes, you may be surprised to learn that bone china is genuinely made from ash derived from animal bones! All the best, Diane

  2. I have seen this flower severally on artworks and online picture but I never knew it had this very rich history and all these mentions in mainstream media. We learn something new every day, that’s the wonderful thing about the world of the internet. I bet the hydrangea flower would make for a beautiful perfume too.  The tin box looks amazing and makes a wonderful gift for pieces of jewellery.

  3. I did not know there were so many things out there with Hydrangea patterns. I thank you for all of your great information. My mother is going to love those mugs and the silk bouquet, it is her favourite flower. Thank you and I will be back for my next gift idea. Kari

  4. Though this is the first time am getting to hear about  Hydrangeas, thanks to coming across your post. I must say I have learned a lot from this post, as it is really educative and informative. it’s wonderful to know that the  Hydrangeas has a lot of superstition attached to it, then I think it must be a very powerful flower with not only beauty but also some medicinal values of some sort ( i stand to be corrected if am wrong though). Nice article! Thanks for this

  5. Yes for sure a set of floral bone china mugs can be an original gift, in addition to their  awesome style, they are high quality,  it beautiful, very nicely made, colorful flower is manual stickers, lightest ,easy to clean and use, most are microwave and dishwasher safe.

    You can use it for cold or hot drinks, especially for tea, as we know tea tastes better in bone china! or just as decor for pretty country kitchens.

    Also, they are known by wide choices of colorful contemporary designs or traditional floral patterns.

    • Hi – thank you for your comments. If you decide to purchase this gift set, please note that the mugs cannot be used in a dishwasher or microwave. All the best, Diane

  6. Thank you for sharing with us this great.  My mother in law would love stuff like that, and she is about to celebrate her wedding anniversary I think I will order one for her gift.

    Floral Metal Storage Tin Box will be good as she would use in different ways.

    I wish you a happy new year for you and your family.

    • Hi – thank you for your reply. Both items are suitable for a wedding anniversary, and I am sure your mother-in-law would be delighted with your choice of gift. All the best, Diane

  7. The cups looks good as a gift for my wife, the only problem is when you say ‘It has to be noted, that given their delicacy, they have to be hand-washed and cannot be used in a microwave’.

    My wife is addicted to re-heat everything, even her morning coffee. That makes me think that she won’t take proper care of the cups.

    However, the flower looks nice. So the floral metal box seems to suit more for her. Do you have the link to buy it on Amazon USA?

    • Hi – thanks for reading my review and leaving a comment. I certainly wouldn’t recommend putting the mugs in the microwave. The floral box would be much more suitable for your wife. It doesn’t seem to be available in the USA, but I have found a similar item here All the best, Diane

  8. What a lovely gift idea. I have been searching for some vintage trios, cup, plate and saucer for a friend as a gift but all those I have seen have either had damage or been quite unattractive. This is not actually for a wedding gift and I wasn’t aware that hydrangea was the symbolic flower for this occasion, but it doesn’t matter as they will be for a birthday. Thank you so much for finding such a pretty set.

    • Hi – thanks for reading my review. The bone china mug set would be ideal for a birthday gift and definitely have a vintage look. All the best, Diane

  9. Hi Diane

    I think that your ideas for a fourth wedding anniversary are really original, and the products are lovely!

    It is strange that a cup of tea from a bone china mug seems to taste much better than from a normal mug, don’t you think? And I really like the storage box. Both of these would be really acceptable in my eyes.

    I will keep watching your website for more brilliant ideas, many thanks.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi Chrissie – thanks for your lovely comments. You are so right, drinking from a bone china mug makes it a much more luxurious experience! Keep reading for more gift ideas. All the best, Diane

  10. As a guy say 15 years ago there is no way I would have appreciated something like this.  However now that I am 51 my standards have totally changed.

    As a couple I know we would love to get something like this for a gift.  I also know that it is something that I know one of my daughter in laws would love.

    Thank you for a great review and for reminding me really how gorgeous things really can be.


    • Hi Dale – thanks for your comments. Glad to hear that you are learning to appreciate the finer things in life! I am sure your daughter in law would be thrilled to receive these as a gift. All the best, Diane 

  11. These look like just the type of thing  I was looking at getting for my mother for Christmas – her last set of china cups are cracked and chipped slightly. 

    You mention that the style and pattern of the cups is  Summer Hydrangea. I’m wondering what pottery company is behind them – are the UK based? Maybe Staffordshire based company?

    • Hi Chris – thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, that is the downside to having fine bone china, it does chip and crack. Yes, the company is UK based and is actually in Northamptonshire, but distributes worldwide. All the best, Diane

  12. Great article on Set of Fine Bone China Printed Mugs, I not sure I would use them personally.  I think I would keep them in a display cabinet myself. They look to nice to use.  My parents love stuff like that, and now being Christmas time, I think they will make an ideal gift.  We pretty close to Christmas now. 17th December where I am now. Think they could get delivered before Christmas? Probably a big ask:) If not that is ok. They would make a nice birthday present too:)

    • Hi Sam – thanks for commenting. They are a little bit dainty, so may not be suitable for everyday use. Last posting date for Christmas for international delivery was 10th December, so I am afraid you have missed the boat there! All the best, Diane 


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