Egyptian Cotton Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Egyptian Cotton

Cotton from Egypt is the finest in the world and is available in many top-rated hotels and luxurious spas. It is always hand-picked, which is a guarantee of density and purity, combined with strength and softness. The thread count is an indication of its quality and ranges from 120 to 1000.

Cotton Anniversary

Facts About Egyptian Cotton

  • Egyptian cotton is not an ancient material. The commercial production of Egyptian cotton did not begin until 1822 when it was first introduced by Mohammed Ali.
  • The fibres are longer than those of regular cotton. This is what gives it a smooth, luxurious feel, and is the reason it lasts longer and doesn’t come apart with regular washing.
  • The success of Egyptian cotton is due to the American Civil War. This is because the production of cotton was forced to shut down for several years during the war, yet the material was still required for sheets and clothing.
  • If you buy your sheets while actually in Egypt, they are unlikely to fit your bed, as the sizing will be different.
  • Egyptian mummies were not wrapped in cotton, neither did the ancient citizens wear clothing made of it, linen was used instead.
  • Cotton Anniversary

When searching for a second wedding anniversary gift, you may think that Egyptian cotton is somewhat on the expensive side. While that may be true for bedding, towels are surprisingly affordable. Here I take a look at a four-piece set.

Egyptian Cotton Personalised Towel Set

The set consists of two hand towels and two face cloths, all decorated with a pretty interlinked heart design. They can be personalised which is a nice touch, with both names and the date of the wedding. The embroidery can be done in the colour of your choice, you just need to specify when ordering.

The set is available in white, cream or black, and the towels are super soft, being made from 500gsm Egyptian cotton. Unfortunately, they don’t come gift-wrapped, but you could pop them in some pretty tissue paper yourself.
The hand towels measure 85 x 50cm and the face towels 30cm x 30cm, which is pretty standard for these type of items.

The seller is giftsabc, who are known for their quick dispatch, and the towel set is available from Amazon.

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Cotton Gifts

Overall, I think these are a lovely gift, with a luxurious touch, and the personalisation really makes them seem special.

Egyptian Cotton Matt Emulsion Paint!

Just for a bit of fun, I thought I would throw in this crazy suggestion! If you know a couple who have a sense of humour to appreciate the idea behind this, it could be a gift which will be talked about for years to come! And actually, it could be useful too; who wouldn’t mind freshening up their decor every now and then?

As you can see by the name, the shade is known as Egyptian Cotton, part of the Warm Neutrals collection, and is from the renowned paint manufacturer, Dulux. Being matt emulsion, it is ideal for walls and ceilings, and the tin holds a generous 2.5 litres. The texture is nice and creamy, making it easy to work with, and has a relatively short drying time of two to four hours.

Cotton Paint

It has a long-lasting colour, and although I have never used this particular shade, I painted my dining room walls in Chic Shadow (a lovely soft, grey colour), part of the same range, and it shows no sign of fading. You have to be aware, that as its a matt finish, it’s not suitable for use in the kitchen as it doesn’t wipe clean. I have to keep my grandson and his sticky fingers away from it!

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Bed Set

If you wish to spend a little more money then I recommend this gorgeous Egyptian cotton duvet bed set. The pure white colour gives a clean and contemporary look to any bedroom and the set consists of a duvet cover (200cm x 200cm), a fitted sheet (190cm x 135cm x 27cm) and two pillowcases (50cm x 75cm). It is also available in single and kingsize, with free delivery in the UK.

Cotton Anniversary

The set looks and feels luxurious, with a crisp smooth touch, and actually gets softer the more you wash it! The cotton is a naturally breathable material and has a matte finish. The set gives a hotel-style look to any bedroom and has high-quality stitching.

Cotton Sheets

The bed linen is produced from a mix of the best quality long, medium and short Egyptian cotton fibres, in a 200 thread count Percale weave. The duvet cover has traditional buttonhole fastenings, rather than modern studs. The set is easy to care for, being machine washable and can be tumble dried. If ironing is necessary, it should be done while the material is still damp. The set is also available in a soft cream colour.

The seller is Euphoric Gifts and the set is available from Amazon.

Luxury Purple Cotton Bath Rug

If Egyptian cotton is slightly beyond your budget, then this is the next best thing and feels equally luxurious. In a glamorous purple, it has long, deep cotton loops for a soft touch and a sturdy rubber backing to ensure it doesn’t slip on a wet floor. The rug is super absorbent and feels lovely underfoot when stepping out of the bath or shower. It measures a useful 53 cm x 86 cm and is machine washable. The bath rug comes in in other colours to complement your decor and matching towels are available. It could actually be used as a pretty bedside rug too.

Cotton Rug

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I hope you enjoyed this entertaining article, and if you have any questions about any of these useful gift suggestions, or simply want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Why not let me know how you celebrated your cotton anniversary? I’d love to hear your story.

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18 thoughts on “Egyptian Cotton Anniversary Gifts Ideas”

  1. Cool article! It’s crazy to think that things were able to be commercially produced even as far back as 1822! The towel set looks like a cool gift idea, and I feel like the Egyptian cotton component makes it even cooler! Of course the quality would have to be there, however, it seems like that is the case!

  2. I need to get new sheets and bedding for my room. I have had the same one since 2012. I think it’s time for an upgrade.

    I know a little bit about the thread count, though.  But, hopefully, what I know is correct. I think the higher the thread count the warmer it is right?

    Also, what would you recommend for sheets? Mine are really uncomfortable, but I also want some new sheets, too.

    • Hi – thank you for reading my article and leaving comments. A higher thread count indicates how soft the bedding is, rather than how warm. I have found some gorgeous Egyptian cotton sheets here on Amazon for you to look at. All the best, Diane.

  3. I  have never bought any Egyptian cotton sheets or bed sets, but I  have felt them and there is a world of difference in the feel and the quality. So, not thinking that I  have ever felt a towel made from Egyptian cotton, but I  can imagine it being the same as the sheet sets I  have felt before. Very luxurious and long lasting.  

  4. The bedding products that you recommend is so affordable. I used to buy a set of high-quality silk + cotton material for at least $200. Is there really a difference if I  buy a high thread count 100% cotton material compared to silk + cotton that I normally use?  If there’s no different or only slight ones, then I better change to Egyptian cotton bedding set.

    • Hi – thank you for your comments, and I hope you enjoyed the review. I personally find that silk sheets trap heat, so they are not so comfortable during warmer months as Egyptian cotton. All the best, Diane

  5. Diane, Hello! 

    Again you brought joy to the reader with your advice. A gift set of towels and napkins (4 pieces-2×2) of Egyptian cotton and very inexpensive. Everyone will want to buy such a gift. The value of Egyptian cotton is 34-37 cm in length, which is twice as long as ordinary cotton varieties. 

    Only from such cotton can you get a fabric with 400 threads per sq. Cm. And what this figure is higher, the better and more durable is the canvas. The fabric has a special matte glare, which does not disappear even after repeated washings. 

    In addition, it is incredibly soft and this softness is only enhanced after each wash. Cotton long-staple fabric absorbs moisture very well. 

    Another the advantage of Egyptian cotton is its ecological purity. The thread is initially clean, elastic and smooth, so it does not require long and complex processing. 

    Therefore, each product created from such a fabric can certainly be called exclusive. 

    Thank you for the gift article and the possibility of my participation in the discussion. Mark

    • Hi Mark – thank you for taking the time to comment. Egyptian cotton really is a unique and luxurious gift, and I hope you have the opportunity to purchase this special item. All the best, Diane

  6. Hi Dianne 

    This is a great set and a perfect gift for a wedding anniversary.  This is a set you will always see and remember your love and people will ask where you got them from. 

    You can even start taking orders from people, an entrepreneurial side of me.

    The face towels can do all the advertisement but I hope the manufacturer can reduce the price if it is in large order.

    What about the shipping? Is there free shipping for it?

    • Hi – thank you for your comments. As you say, this will be a very memorable gift that people will ask about. Unfortunately the shipping is not free, but at a very reasonable cost. All the best, Diane 

  7. I’m actually not looking for a  second wedding anniversary gift, but a gift for the couple that lives next door to us. Ever since we have moved in they have been nothing but helpful and we thought we would recognise this by gifting them a Christmas present this year. 

    Do you think that these towels would make a good Christmas gift as opposed to a  second wedding anniversary gift?

    • Hi Chris – nice to hear from you. I am sure your neighbours would be thrilled to receive these towels as a gift at Christmas, they are perfect for any occasion. All the best, Diane

  8. Hi! This is such a cool recommendation! Thank you very much! It will make an awesome gift and I’m so surprised the price is really affordable!

    I love the fact they can be personalized. This gives it that special touch making it my best choice!

    And I really love Egyptian Cotton. I have always been impressed by the fact that Egyptian cotton actually does come from Egypt. It’s still largely picked by hand.&nbsp, And its quality is undeniably superior.

    • Hi – thanks for your comments. Egyptian cotton really is seen to be luxurious, yet can be surprisingly affordable. You are right in thinking that the personalisation gives them a special touch. All the best, Diane

  9. When I read the words “Egyptian cotton” my mind immediately framed it as an expensive luxury. I was pleasantly surprised and extremely excited to learn of these personalized four-piece towel set that comes in a range of colours and for under 14 pounds!   Seems unheard of, and very affordable and good investment.   I was invited to a wedding for the end of summer 2019 so will definitely be bookmarking this page to add to my gift ideas list.   Thank you for such a great post!

    • Hi Bex – thanks for your comments. I was surprised to find them too, they really are luxurious at an affordable price. Hope you enjoy the wedding. All the best, Diane


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