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Are you looking to buy a gift for your first wedding anniversary? Not finding inspiration in any paper-related items? You could then consider a gemstone product. Mother of pearl symbolises the first anniversary, and there are certainly many items available that incorporate this beautiful gemstone. Each piece of mother of pearl has hand carvings from the shell, and therefore, unique in its appearance. Here I have given you a choice of two different compact mirrors, some delicate goblets and an elegant ice bucket. I hope you enjoy browsing the gifts and learn something from the facts and figures below.

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl Facts and Figures

  • It is the name of the blend of minerals from an oyster’s secretions in their shells. This protects them from outside objects and parasites
  • It is different from an actual pearl, despite its composition of the same substance
  • The oyster shell may have different coatings. However, it is not a true mother of pearl unless it is iridescent
  • The highest quality mother of pearl has a faint glow and a multi-coloured effect
  • As jewellery, it is organic, a living entities creation
  • Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror

The most obvious choice would be an item of jewellery, but for something a little more unique, then this compact mirror would be perfect. The Oriental motif on the natural mother of pearl plate is absolutely stunning. It features cranes, mandarin ducks, deer, flowers and a pine tree, symbols of peace and longevity. The reverse of the mirror has a plain surface.

Nature and landscapes are a common motif in Asian and Oriental cultures, with different flower and fauna having their own meanings. The graceful crane situated by the pine tree sends a combined message of wishing a couple to have a long life together. The deer symbolises longevity and riches, as they were thought to live a great age. A pair of mandarin ducks represents loyalty, as they mate for life.

Mother of Pearl

The mother of pearl shimmers and catches the light as you unfold the mirror and is sure to be a talking point. Once open, two mirrors are revealed; one normal and one magnifying for close-ups. The slim compact design fits easily into any handbag or purse. It comes with an attractive pale blue gift box, with a white swirl motif.

Mother of Pearl Carp Mirror

If you prefer something a little more colourful, then a different design is available from the same manufacturer. This one features carp swimming in a pond with overhanging flowers and is again made with a high-quality mother of pearl inlay. The stainless steel compact measures the same size has two mirrors and also has a gift box.

The carp fish has an interesting legend attached to it, in that, if it is able to swim up China’s Yellow River, then leap over a mythical dragon gate, it will turn into a dragon itself. Thus, it symbolises the ability to overcome difficult and challenging obstacles, a trait often needed in a marriage. Koi carp are a prized species and can be worth thousands of pounds, and live to a great age.

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Mother of Pearl Mirror

These elegant mirrors measure 8cm (3.1″) in diameter, have a 0.8cm thickness and weigh 132g. The manufacturer is Silver J Ltd of London, who began selling high-quality handmade mother of pearl products in 2004, and they are available from Amazon. Both the UK and international delivery is available.

Overall, I thoroughly recommend this product, not just for an anniversary, but any occasion when a unique and beautiful gift is required. The only downside that I can think of, is that I would prefer it to have its own pouch, to prevent any unwanted scratches. I use one from a previous compact mirror, but it would be nice to have one that matched.

Mother of Pearl Mirror


Mother of Pearl Poetry

Mother of Pearl

You may not think that mother of pearl may be featured in poetry, but it is a surprisingly common and popular theme. One of my particular favourites is called “The Daughter of the North Wind Sings in Soprano” by Susan Ashley. Mother of pearl is referenced as the colour of a horse, which I find quite imaginative.  

she bestrides
a clouded steed colored mother-of-pearl  
flowing with fury
within which beats a blustery heart
surging at jet stream speeds

Mother of Pearl Balloon Goblets

For a memorable gift, these stunning glasses would be absolutely perfect, and sure to be a talking point, whether used every day or saved for special occasions. The transparent mother of pearl finish is handpainted by craftsmen, creating almost an optical illusion. They are quite hypnotic to look at! They hold a generous 650ml of liquid and are supplied in attractive packaging. I have chosen this particular shape, the balloon goblet, as it shows off the mother of pearl effect at its best. However, I actually own the white wine glass set, which has more of a pearly white finish.

Mother of Pearl Glasses

Mother of Pearl Champagne Bucket

For those couples who enjoy the finer things in life, perhaps you could treat them to this gorgeous champagne bucket? The strong and durable stainless steel design is offset by an attractive mother of pearl inlay, which wraps around the entire bucket. It is easy to carry, using the hooped handles, and will add style and elegance to any dinner party or social occasion.

Expertly crafted in India, it is easy to clean using soap and water and measures a useful 21 cm x 21 cm, weighing 599g. Not just available in the UK, this stunning object can be shipped worldwide. A matching, elegant ice bucket is also available.

Mother of Pearl Bucket

Share Your Story

I hope you have found some inspiration here on your search to find the ideal mother of pearl gift. Feel free to add any comments or questions, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Perhaps you have some suggestions of your own, or want to share your story of how you celebrated your memorable first wedding anniversary?

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  1. Hi Diane,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative review with all the necessary information about “Review of Mother of Pearl Gifts”

    Really this is an amazing review. I like this review very much.I was looking for a gift for my elder sister for her marriage anniversary. In this regard your review is very helpful for me.I have found the perfect gift for my sister which is Mother of Pearl Champagne Bucket.It’s look like very stunning.I belive my sister will be very happy to get this gift from me.So i am going to buy this Mother of Pearl Champagne Bucket.I will share this review with my friends and relatives so that they can benefited from this.

    • Hi – thank you for reading my article and leaving comments. I am sure your sister will be delighted with her choice of gift, and I hope she enjoys her anniversary. All the best, Diane.

  2. Hello Diane, What a lovely and an amazing gift this would be, I would like to have it for my wonderful mom as it is really beautiful as in the compact mirror. I really love to say I found much inspiration here on my search for the ideal mother of pearl gift for amiable mom. I sense it from the start that the mother of pearl shimmers and catches the light as you unfold the mirror and is sure to be a talking point.   I really love these symbols of riches, loyalty and longevity represented by cranes, mandarin ducks, and a pine tree. I would be glad to see the carp fish having an interesting legend attached to it. All these are all great and perfect gift to have but I really do love to get the Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror for my amiable mom. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

    • Hi – thank you for taking the time to leave comments. I am glad you enjoyed my article, and I am sure your mother will be delighted with the mirror. All the best, Diane.

  3. Thanks, Diana for wonderful Article. I am very much familiar with Natural Pearls as they  are very Popular in India. Pearls have been the object of beauty for centuries. But I did not know much about the Mother of Pearls before reading your  article. I dropped on your website searching for a gift for my wife.

    But this is our 27th wedding anniversary but you said the mother  of Pearls symbolizes with a first wedding anniversary. Would it be OK to buy a mother of Pearl for her? 

    I just do not want to look awkward, you know. 

    Please advise.


    • Hi Arun – thank you for reading my article and leaving comments. I am glad you learned something new. The gift suggestion for a 27th anniversary is actually a stone known as jet. However, I am sure your wife would be delighted with any of the gifts I have suggested. All the best, Diane.

  4. A nice piece of the article at the right time… Have been thinking of a perfect item with a symbol to gift my wife and on came this article. I think the pearl balloon goblets would be a nice fit, the hypotonic nature and attractive packaging make me like it. Would look it up online to see how I can get my hands on them. Thanks 

    • Hi – thank you for your comments. I am sure your wife would love the goblets, you can purchase them through the link in my article. All the best, Diane. 

  5. I really like the idea of the goblets. My wife loves having items that can generate conversations when we have evening parties. I will definitely be showing her these tonight and see if she likes them. 

    Are these goblets very fragile or are they quite robust? Do they fade over time? more importantly, are they dishwasher safe?

    • Hi – thank you for your comments and questions. They are quite fragile and can only be hand washed. Although hand-painted, I haven’t yet noticed any fading. I hope this helps. All the best, Diane.

  6. Hi Diane, 

    I came across your site looking for a gift for my wife. I must say I wish I had found you sooner as we just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary 🙂 

    I think a mother of pearl could be a wonderful gift at any time of the year. Many men like me are sometimes struggling to find something unique to give to our lovely wives. I remember from many years ago someone telling me that when buying a lady a gift you can never go wrong with bling! 

    I find your review very informative and obviously it does not have to be a first year anniversary to surprise your wife or best girl with a very affordable mother of pearl related gift. You have presented many ideas for just about any occasion. There is nothing as much fun as the reaction to a thoughtful gift. 

    A little advice for men reading this, “A happy wife (or girlfriend) is a happy life” 

    Thank you for this article.


    • Hi Murray – thank you for your great comments. I hope you enjoyed your anniversary celebrations. These suggested gifts would be suitable for any occasion as you say. All the best, Diane.

  7. Dear Diane,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and comprehensive review post. I got great insights from your review post.

    The facts & figures you shared about  mother of pearl is an eye-opener. The meanings you shared about each feature add more value to this product. After knowing its meaning now I realized why you said, its going to be a great anniversary gift or a great gift for any occasion.

    You have given detailed information on the mirror and its very helpful in my purchase decision and for sure this is on my list. There is no doubt my wife gonna love it and she will be impressed when I share the meaning of each feature.

    I really enjoyed this review and in the manner that you presented.

    Best wishes to you, your family and your success,

    Warm Regards,


    • Hi Paul – thank you for your nice comments. I am glad you learned something new, I enjoy the research involved with this type of article. I am sure your wife would adore the mirror if you should choose to buy it. All the best, Diane.

  8. Wow! I have seen a gift I can get for my beloved wife and I know she will definitely love them. They are beautiful, the designs are great, I love the colours too, I just love everything about them. I also love the fact that you wrote about them out of an experience with them unlike other reviews

    • Hi – thank you for reading my article and leaving comments. I am sure your wife will adore the gift you have chosen. All the best, Diane.

  9. Nice article in here. No doubt this is gonna be a breathtaking gift for any anniversary. It is really lovely and eye-catching. My cousin’s wedding anniversary is so close and she would really be amazed if she gets this from me for her anniversary. All thanks to you for your time and effort to put this together and share with us. Best regard! 

    • Hi – thank you for visiting my site and leaving comments. I am sure your cousin will be thrilled with your choice of gift. All the best, Diane.

  10. Mother of pearl, such an intriguing name for a jewelry. 

    I never knew living creatures could create or should I say produce pearls. It’s amazing, really, how nature can be so productive. 

    For living things to produce ornaments without being schooled or anything, even without knowing what they are doing they are producing beautiful things. 

    I love the Mother of Pearl Balloon Goblets. Using those goblets to drink, will make the occasion unique, even if it’s just home cooked dinner. 

    • Hi – thank you for leaving comments on my article. I am glad you learnt something new. I agree the goblets would make any occasion special. All the best, Diane.

  11. Wow Diane! This is amazing. Your review came at the right time. I have been racking my brain on the best gift to give to my cousin who coincidentally will be celebrating her first wedding anniversary come August. I think this is a perfect gift because she adores unique and rare gift.

    I simply love the Mother of Pearl Compact Mirror. It fits easily into any handbag or purse, she will be delighted to have one.

    Thanks for reviewing this product.

  12. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Technology has really been an help to search and locate wonderful and unique things to acquire. I would love to present this to my partner and some family member as a surprise. Thanks for the review, best regards 

    • Hi – thanks for reading and leaving comments. I am sure your partner and family would love any of these gifts. All the best, Diane.

  13. My mom’s wedding ring was adorned with a pearl. I always loved how elegant it looked. The pearls have since fallen out and she no longer wears a ring, but she still loves pearls very much.

    I think the mirror is a great idea– how unique and well versatile! I think this would make for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

    Thank you so much for bringing me back to my childhood.


    • Hi – thank you for your nice comments. I am glad my article brought back memories for you. Yes, the mirror would be suitable for any occasion. All the best, Diane.

  14. This is an informative and educative article. You have thoroughly put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand the points. This would be one of the best gift of the century, I have been thinking of what to buy for my wife on our two years anniversary and i must tell you this is a perfect fit. I will also give another to my mum on mothers day. Thanks for the eye opener. 

    • Hi – thank you for visiting my site and leaving comments. I am sure your wife and mother will be delighted with their gifts. All the best, Diane.

  15. I’ve been searching for a gift for my daughter’s first anniversary (they’re making a big thing out of it!) and I have been struggling for about a fortnight now…I really should have come on the internet first! 

    This is a wonderfully original idea for a gift, and it’s the type of thing she would love (right up her street). I’m wondering how durable the case is on the mirror?

    • Hi – thank you for your nice comments. I hope your daughter  enjoys her anniversary. Despite the delicate appearance of the mirror, it is quite sturdy. I do keep mine in a pouch though, to protect it from scratches. All the best, Diane.

  16. What can I say what a perfect gift I must say. I can’t remember the last time I give my wife to be a breath taking a way gift  and looking at Compact Mirror,it really the best gift to give to her this coming Esther and am sure she will accept it with warm appreciation and I wonder what the smile on face going to be. Because is just the perfect gift 

    • Hi – thank you for comments. I am sure your wife will be thrilled if you buy her the beautiful compact mirror. All the best, Diane.

  17. Good afternoon Diana,

    What a lovely and original gift this would be, I would like to have it myself as it is really beautiful this compact mirror.

      No little pouch? not a problem as with silk or velvet one can easily make one at home. I love these symbols of peace and longevity represented by cranes, mandarin ducks, and a pine tree. I would also be interested to see what the one with carp motive would look like. That reminds me of world-famous Dutch graphic artist M.C. Esher. There is a lovely artwork of a carp swimming and on the water, surface are floating leaves.

    I looked at your link on Amazon and saw some more pretty compact mirrors, I am very tempted.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske – thank you for your nice comments. I have one of these mirrors myself, and it really does look just as lovely as the photos. I remember the painting you refer to, it is called Three Worlds. All the best, Diane  

  18. What a wonderful idea for any occasion, not just anniversary. I would love to buy this for myself as a treat. I have always found the mother of pearl to be a unique piece as each one is a little different as to how it shimmers and is put together. What do you think would be a good compliment to the mother of pearl compact mirror, a brush or another piece of jewellery like a necklace?

    • Hi – thanks for dropping by. I love how unique each piece of mother of pearl is. A brush would be a great idea to make up a dressing table set. All the best, Diane

  19. What a wonderful article.  The internet is an absolutely wonderful place because of all the great things that can be found.  I think something like this would be a great gift for my daughter in laws..

    Thank you for taking the time to put together this great article on a great gift.

    Thank you


  20. This would be a perfect gift for my mother. I love the mother of pearl and the attractive design on this compact. My mother would certainly find the magnifying mirror useful as her sight is not so great anymore. I like the idea of a compact in this day and age of throw away plastic.

    • Hi Ann – thank you for commenting. Yes, it’s almost vintage in style, leaning back to the past when everybody carried a compact. I am sure your mother would love it! All the best, Diane

  21. Thanks for the brief and detailed review of this amazing piece of art. It is mostly art lovers that will appreciate the beauty embedded in the Handmade mother of pearl mirror. It looks vintage like a pearl hidden in the safe box for years and eventually found in 2018. Who is going to claim this awesome piece…

    • Hi – thank you for your comments. You are right, the artwork is so detailed and intricate, I love the oriental theme. All the best, Diane

  22. I have always been a fan of all things related to pear as the style never dates and is a real timeless classic. I have always wondered how they are able to remove the raw materials from the shell without breaking it, are you familiar with the process?

    If memory serves me correctly, mother of pear is one of the traditional anniversary gifts, do you know which year it corresponds to?


    • Hi Rich – thanks for dropping by. I have never considered how the raw material is extracted, I will have to look that one up! Mother of pearl is the appropriate gemstone for the first wedding anniversary, but pearl itself represents the 30th. All the best, Diane

  23. This looks like a really unique and thoughtful gift and I think any woman would appreciate this for a special occasion. It really reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, when he gives her the mirror and tells her she’s free to go.

    At first, I wasn’t sure what it was because of the unique design, but I think that’s part of what makes this product so appealing.


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