Unique Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas 2021

As a change from wedding anniversaries, I thought I would add another well-loved celebration, that of Mother’s Day. Here in the UK, it will be on 31st March, and in the US, it is celebrated on 12th May. The tradition actually began in the United States, in 1908, and was the idea of Ann Reeves Jarvis, a peace activist who assisted wounded soldiers in the American Civil War. Her mother died in 1905 and she campaigned tirelessly to create a nationally recognised holiday to celebrate Mother’s Day. In 1914, it was officially declared by Woodrow Wilson, that it would be celebrated annually on the second Sunday in May.  

Mother's Day

Commercialism and Backlash

However, Jarvis soon came to regret having started this celebration, as she felt it had become commercialised, and in fact, she went on to organise boycotts of Mother’s Day. This was, in part, due to the fact that Hallmark had begun to sell cards and Jarvis believed that they were exploiting the idea. She argued that her initial idea was for people to honour their mothers by giving them hand-written letters, rather than purchasing something for them. During one of her protests, she was actually arrested for disturbing the peace. #WomensHistoryMonth  

Mother's Day

Unusual Events and Traditions

Other countries around the world also celebrate Mother’s Day, but for various reasons and having different traditions or history associated with it. Here are a few of the more interesting ones.

  • Albania; here the celebration arose following a tragic event in a factory when a fire broke out and 129 mothers died.
  • Bolivia: in this country, Mother’s Day commemorates the women who were killed by the Spanish army when fighting for independence.
  • China; it has only been officially adopted here since 1997, and is meant to remind people of mothers who are suffering in poorer regions of the country.
  • [bctt tweet=”Ethiopia; this country holds a three-day festival, during which mothers and daughters cover themselves with butter!” username=”@dianescorpion”]
  • Finland; every year, the president of Finland awards medals to mothers who have done something outstanding.  
  • Mother's Day

Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose

For fans of the enchanting Beauty and the Beast Disney movie, this is a gorgeous and unusual gift. The realistic rose is crafted from red silk and is encased in a glass dome set on a sturdy wooden base. This is where the magic happens – it comes with a remote control as there are LED lights woven around the stem of the rose, and there are eight different settings to make them flash! Although it looks stunning, I did notice that the glass becomes a little warm from the heat of the lights, so probably best not to leave it unattended.

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Beauty Rose

Mother’s Day Teddy Gift Basket

If your mother needs a little pampering, then this gift basket would be the ideal present. This high-quality reusable wicker basket has a cute teddy sat in it, holding a stuffed heart, embroidered with “mum” on it. Her sweet tooth will be satisfied by not only some delicious Lindt chocolates but also with a box of Cadbury’s Milk Tray! (My particular favourite). For extra relaxation, there is a bottle of pretty pink Radox bubble bath and a Yankee candle in honeysuckle fragrance. I have been dropping hints to my daughter about this gift basket, so here’s hoping I get one!


Teddy Gift

Enamelled Glass Teacup and Spoon

This really is very pretty and is bound to be adored by any mother lucky enough to receive it as a gift. Although it looks incredibly delicate and is made by hand ensuring each one is unique, it is made of borosilicate glass and can withstand extreme temperatures. The enamel flowers are hand drawn and the design is echoed on the included stainless steel spoon. It is supplied in an attractive, padded gift box, for safe posting, and comes with a pretty pink coaster. Imagine drinking a nice herbal tea from it, very elegant!


Elegant Cup

Mother’s Day Garden Celebration

My own mum is a keen gardener (not bad for 76 years old is it?) and this is what I have ordered for her this year. It consists of a hand-woven gift basket, which I am sure she will find plenty of uses for, plus a handy trowel and fork, and a beautiful fuschia rose plant. Then, to reward herself for all her hard work in the garden, there is a pretty balloon to admire and a delicious box of chocolates! For those people who leave things to the last minute, this gorgeous gift set is available for next day delivery.  

Lily of the Valley Gifts

Relaxation Spa Day and Afternoon Tea

Now, this is a bit of a cheeky gift to buy, as you get to benefit from it yourself, as well as your mother! This memorable day out starts with a trip to a relaxing spa of your choice, where you can both enjoy two fabulous treatments each, whether you prefer a facial or a massage, lasting between 40 and 55 minutes. Your own personal therapist will offer advice as to which is the most suitable treatment. You then have full access to the rest of the spa facilities, including the swimming pool where you can enjoy a session of water aerobics with music if you are feeling particularly energetic!. What could be nicer than following this up with a delicious afternoon tea? The voucher is valid for 10 months, so you can pick a date which suits both of you, and even do the activities on two different days, making it twice as nice! 

Mother's Day

Share Your Mother’s Day

So, hopefully, you have now learned something of the history of Mother’s Day and its unusual beginnings and celebrations around the world. I hope you have enjoyed looking through my selection of gifts, and have chosen something suitable for your mother. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please reply below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Why not let me know how you intend to celebrate? Or what you have done in previous years?

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  1. Hi Diane,

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  2. Lovely and sweet post. Mums are supreme, super-beings, caring, strong and most importantly beautiful. I cannot arrive at an adjective to describe mums, so it is so important how we appreciate mums in a most spectacular way and occasional gifts will be an awesome idea. Your post is great as you have listed different options of gifts to appreciate our mums especially on the national celebrated Mother’s Day. I live in the UK so eagerly looking forward to presenting to my mum and appreciate her for her amazing motherly role to me and my siblings. I will definitely use your link to get her a gift and also recommend you to fellow friends. Great and fine post.

    Thank you 

    • Hi – thank you for your lovely comments. I am sure your mum will be thrilled with whichever gift you choose for her. Thank you for sharing with your friends. All the best, Diane.

  3. Thank you for Writing this wonderful post about “Mother’s Day”.   We cannot always reveal to our mother that how much we love our mother. But on Mother’s Day, we all try to convince our mother how much we love a mother and how important she is in our lives. In your writing, you have clearly notified how a mother can be happy on Mother’s Day and what gifts to our beloved mother can be given. I liked the topic of spas, especially about a mother. It was a fabulous idea.I’m going to bookmark it for setting up next ” Mother’s Day” plan.

  4. Wow! Thank you for such an educative, informative and thoroughly helpful post. I’ve never bothered to read up on how Mother’s Day came about so yes, this was educative for me. And to also think I do not need to rack my brain deciding what gift to buy on Mother’s Day is a win-win for me.

    I love that every of your suggested gift is well thought out and each one seems to have a personality of its own! Haha! It makes the job easier. I’m definitely going to select,  the ‘Mother’s Day Garden Celebration’. Totally suits my Mom’s personality. Thank you, Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • Hi – thank you for reading my article and leaving comments. I am glad you learnt something new, and I am sure your mother will be thrilled with the garden gift. All the best, Diane.

  5. This is a nice one, Diane. So much information on mother’s day. Kudos to a wonderful woman like Ann Reeves Jarvis that ”fought

  6. I have to admit that I giggled a bit when I was reading the “unusual events and traditions” section! I’m going to have to sate my curiosity now as to why Ethiopian moms and daughters cover themselves in butter! (Although I bet their skin is wonderfully soft after those three days!)

    I’m also going to be hinting to my daughter that I want that teacup! I need this for when I’m writing.

    • Hi – thanks for your engaging comments. Yes, I had to read it twice when I discovered what women in Ethiopia do! I hope you get the teacup, it really is pretty. All the best, Diane.

  7. Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in my country by individual Church denominations. I don’t believe that my country set out a day to celebrate mothers. 

    So, mothers are celebrated on several days of the year in my country. 

    I love all your Mother’s Day Celebration gifts suggestions. But I love the enchanted rose suggestion the most. It’s so beautiful and it’s so enchanting. 

    • Hi – thank you for your comments. Interesting to learn about the culture in your country. The rose really is gorgeous and I am sure any mother would be delighted with this gift. All the best, Diane.

  8. Getting the Mother’s Day Teddy Gift Basket, I think would really be one of the best gifts that could be offered to the mothers. The fact that it’s high-quality and its reusable wicker basket has a cute teddy sat in it, holding a stuffed heart, embroidered with “mum” makes me love it preferably as compared to others. Thanks for this educative and informative post. Hope to read more of this kind of articles from you subsequently. Cheers!

    • Hi – thank you for reading my article and leaving comments. I am glad you learnt something new. I am sure any mother would be happy with the gift basket. All the best, Diane.

  9. wow, awesome list of gift ideas here for mother’s day.

    It was very interesting reading the history of mother’s day, I really had no idea about the significance of this day. 

    While I think it is really a good idea and takes a lot of effort to make a handmade gift for your mum but also getting something really nice, which is very useful to her also shows her you are paying attention to her needs.

    Thanks for this list, really helpful

  10. I absolutely love my mom, and I love celebrating Mother’s day with her each year. We have a big family and we lost our dad a couple of months back. So, this Mother’s day is going to be really special for my mom. It’s a family tradition to visit an orphanage to celebrate with the motherless. Asides that, we hope to throw a small party to celebrate my mom, to make her know she’s special! 

    We’ve learnt that in life, we are not promised tomorrow, so we must all make today count.

    • Hi – thank you for reading and leaving comments. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your father. That’s a lovely tradition you have, thanks for sharing your story. All the best, Diane.  

  11. This is an informative and educative article. You have thoroughly put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand the points This is an eye-opener for me because I have been thinking on what to buy for my mother and wife on their day and thankfully I found your blog and you answered my question. Thank you for this live changer sensitization..


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