Discover Leather Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for All Couples

As the years march on, it can be increasingly difficult to come up with interesting and unique ideas. The happy couple may have acquired everything they need in life. That is no reason not to help them celebrate with a symbolic gift. Here, we suggest leather wedding anniversary ideas for all couples, no matter what their taste, and your budget. If leather doesn’t hold any appeal, then don’t forget the representative flower and gemstone. Read on to discover more suggestions.

Why is Leather the Representation of the Third Anniversary?

Leather may seem like an odd choice of a gift when it comes to celebrating a wedding anniversary. However, there are reasons behind this age-old tradition. One suggestion is that the material is warm and durable, which after three years, symbolises the state of the marriage. The couple should be comfortable, their love wrapping them, after three years together.

The History of Leather Use and Production

The earliest history of leather dates back to 8000 BC. It was then a method of protecting our ancestor’s feet, the first example of shoes. Creating bags to transport food was its next use before clothing came on the scene. Of course, animal skins would rot after a certain length of time. This led to the process of tanning to preserve the valuable hides. One unusual method of tanning was to soak them in urine. In today’s modern world, the tanning process requires the use of chemicals, particularly chromium sulphate.

A Vegetarian Alternative

Nearly all leather has its origins in cattle. However, the skin of alligators, crocodiles and snakes is a highlight of high-end fashion retailers. Vegetarians, of course, will be reluctant to purchase anything leather, and therefore a modern alternative of a crystal gift is now acceptable. This lends itself to the purchase of crystal champagne flutes, cocktail glasses or a sparkling decanter. How about a crystal vase filled with favourite flowers? A lower-cost alternative could be a window suncatcher, with crystal drops to catch the light.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Leather Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Mention leather and the first thing that comes to mind is clothing, but that might not be seen as appropriate for a wedding anniversary gift. Leather accessories could include hats, belts or gloves. Luckily, there are plenty of alternative ideas. Something as simple as a leather keyring can be made into a thoughtful gift if personalised. Desk accessories are useful or maybe a leather manicure set. A leather hip flask is a nice idea if looking for a more upmarket item when not having to stick to a budget. A leather-bound photo or scrapbook album is perfect for displaying pictures of happy memories, see my review of a particularly beautiful one here. A leather photo frame is an excellent idea. Matching travel cases may be a little pricey for some, but would be ideal for a couple that loves to travel.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea

If you are maybe thinking outside the box, and want something different but still appropriate, why not consider a three-course meal with wine to celebrate three years? This is perfect for those that enjoy Italian cuisine such as pizza, pasta and not forgetting a delicious dessert! Buying a voucher allows the couple to choose where and when they want to dine out to enjoy their third wedding anniversary.

Italian Meal Wedding Anniversary

Which is the Flower for a Third Anniversary?

The spectacular sunflower is the flower of the third anniversary, with their bright yellow petals heralding the start of summer. It is native to the Americas, before rooting in the European continent in 1510, and can grow as high as three metres. The record for the tallest sunflower is over 12 metres in Italy. While in the bud, before the flower opens fully, the plant actually tracks the sun from east to west and returns again at night.

Sunflower Seeds

Their seeds can be snacks and are of course a feature of oil production, with Ukraine being the world’s top producer. Astonishingly, sunflower seeds contain as much protein as beef but are high in calories. One flower alone can have more than 2000 seeds.

Sunflower Gifts

Sunflower Gifts

A sunflower gift is easy to find, as it is a popular theme and is often a decorative feature on mugs, candles, night lights and scarves. A print of the famous sunflowers paintings by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh would be a welcome addition to any home. This motif is available in all manner of items ranging from umbrellas to tote bags and stationery. Some of my personal favourite gifts can be found here.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Which Gemstone Symbolises the Third Wedding Anniversary?

The ethereal moonstone is the symbol of the third wedding anniversary and is instrumental in bringing out inner emotions, love, affection and creativity. It is connected with the water signs of the Zodiac and is said to have healing properties. Although usually white, it can be found in other colours, reflecting the light, and is primarily used for jewellery. The optical illusion that allows the light to move across a moonstone is called adularescence. It is said to resemble moonlight flowing across the water.

Moonstone Gifts

Moonstone Facts

Moonstone is not particularly durable and can easily break, so when it is set in jewellery, it needs to be suitably protected. It was rarely used in jewellery until the 1900s and the Art Nouveau era when it was popularised by the likes of Rene Lalique. Its popularity was short-lived and it disappeared from fashion until it reappeared in the 1960s. Moonstone crystals add a pretty touch to any decor and are often used in meditation rituals.

Moonstone Gifts

Pendants, rings and cufflinks are widely available, some of which may have a rainbow moonstone, which is particularly attractive, appearing to change colour as it shimmers. Figurines crafted from moonstone are an unusual idea and can be found in the form of angels. An aromatherapy gift set including moonstones and essential oils would be a thoughtful present encouraging mindfulness and spirituality.

Moonstone Gifts

Three Years Already

When the happy couple exchanged their vows, no doubt they would have thought that three years is a long time. Yet, here we are, celebrating that third anniversary with some thoughtful leather gifts. There is a poem called Upon Our Third Anniversary by P C McKinnon which includes the line “daydreams, quiet moments, you appear” reveals that love and romance are still in the air as year four is rapidly approaching on the horizon.

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  1. Hello Diane, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I have a beautiful wife for 10 years and now our anniversary is getting closer. I am glad I stumbled upon your article because you give some awesome ideas. Leather is my favorite material so it is definitely something I will consider getting.

    • Hi – thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary, and I hope I have given you some gift ideas. All the best, Diane

  2. Hi! I have found these ideas very useful and I’m happy I found your blog. I will go with buying a voucher idea. We both like Italian cuisine and pizza, pasta and a delicious dessert would make a nice evening.

    I had been thinking of a gift to go with the meal but I haven’t been able to make up my mind yet.

  3. Interesting blog post. Knowing what year equals what has always been a weakness of mine. Maybe if I got better with it, my wife of 21 years would appreciate my new found knowledge. 

      I love leather and thought your suggestions and ideas as to what to get depending on your current budget was great suggestions. My favourite leather gift was a soft leather journal that had a strap that wrapped around it. It smelled great, was soft, enjoyed holding it, and will make a wonderful gift someday when I am no longer around and it is handed to my wife and kids to be able to read and keep memories of me alive. 

    Thanks again for a nice post. 

  4. I found this article very helpful to me. My fiance and I will celebrate a 3 year anniversary in January and I must say that I would never remember to buy leather for our date. I was thinking so much what should I buy but now you give me a great idea, thank you a lot.

  5. It’s funny that I found this. My coworker and I just had a 20-minute long discussion about leather. I  love that it’s a material that you could wear for one jacker your ENTIRE life. I think that is a great romantic symbolic gesture- long-lasting love. I’m not married, but my anniversary for my sweetheart is actually tomorrow! December 13th, so maybe I  will incorporate this them into it somehow. Very interesting. Thanks for posting this nice article ( : 


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