Iron Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Iron Gift Ideas

The sixth anniversary may not be seen as something to celebrate. The date of marriage has long past, and the first milestone of five years is but a distant memory. However, it’s still a momentous occasion and deserves some recognition. Whether you wish to spoil your husband or wife, or you are friends or family of the couple in question, it shows thoughtfulness if you remember and celebrate the anniversary. The symbol for the sixth anniversary is that of iron, which doesn’t mean to say that an actual iron would be welcomed! There are some great ideas for iron wedding anniversary gifts, so I hope you find something suitable from my suggestions.  

Why is Iron the Gift for Six Years?

Iron may seem a strange material to be celebrating a wedding anniversary, as its hardly romantic is it? However, the reasoning behind it is that it represents the solidity and strength of the marriage. Iron is both a chemical element and a metal and has been in use for thousands of years. It appears in myths, folklore and mythology, the most common known belief is that of an iron horseshoe bringing good luck, and being able to repel evil spirits. An iron wedding anniversary gift should bring good fortune to the happy couple.

Great Ideas for an Iron Gift

You may be struggling for ideas for this, but a surprising number of items can be made from iron. This includes hand-forged bookmarks, iron jewellery dishes and personalised key chains. For those that prefer to make memories, rather than have a gift, why not consider a visit to the Ironbridge Attractions in Shropshire? The authentic Victorian farm and shops offer a unique glimpse into this era, and you end your day with a fish and chip supper!

For those that love flowers but prefer something that lasts longer, my recommended choice of gift would be these two iron roses twisted together. This hand-forged double rose set is designed to be laid horizontally, rather than placed in a vase, and symbolises a love that will never die. This stunning sculpture is hand-forged by a master blacksmith and has an attractive matt black finish.

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Iron Roses

Which Flower is the Symbol for a Six Year Anniversary?

The flower of the sixth anniversary is an unusual one, and perhaps something that not many people have heard of. It is the calla, which once you see it, will recognise straight away as it is a species of lily. It is often used in wedding bouquets, or to decorate a church or civic building for the marriage ceremony and is a very romantic flower. Unfortunately, it has a limited lifespan and dies quickly after having been cut. Its white, waxy blooms are very striking and contrast beautifully with its dark green foliage, but be aware that all parts of this stunning plant are poisonous and not to be taken lightly.

Lily Gift Ideas

What is a Calla Anyway?

This beautiful lily is native to Africa, and was introduced to Europe in the seventeenth century, but is now grown all over the world. Strangely enough, it is seen as a destructive pest in Western Australia, and the plant cannot be sold there. It is also known as an arum lily and is prized for its ornamental appearance in gardens and its use in cut flower displays. Although most varieties are white, it can also be found in other colours, including pale yellow, coral pink and maroon. Lilies are often seen in paintings, and the calla is a particular favourite of Mexican artist Diego Rivera.

Calla Gift Ideas

The calla lily can be found as a decorative theme on many items including paintings, mouse pads, memory books, note cards and jewellery, especially brooches. An unusual idea is this pastoral table lamp, with a beautifully sculpted display of lilies meandering around the resin base. It would be ideal for a bedside table with is pretty pink shade and old-fashioned pull chain. Other suggestions could include an artificial calla plant, scarves decorated with a lily print or maybe some solar lights for the garden.

Is There a Gemstone for the Sixth Anniversary?

The gemstone to celebrate the sixth wedding anniversary is the stunning amethyst, my personal favourite crystal. It is very popular in jewellery items, having a gorgeous violet colour, making it easy to find suitable gifts. Amethyst has inspired many poets including John Keats, Emily Dickinson and Amy Lowell. Perhaps the most well-known example is The Twilight Turns From Amethyst by the renowned Irish novelist, James Joyce. There is a beautiful painting housed in the Tate Collection entitled The Lady with the Amethyst, by the artist Charles Shannon, dating from 1915.

Amethyst Gift Ideas

All About Amethyst

The name comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “not intoxicated” as they believed that wearing amethyst would stop them from getting drunk! Tibetans make prayer beads from amethyst, as they consider the stone to be sacred to Buddha. It originates from Brazil, Siberia and Sri Lanka, but synthetic versions can also be made in laboratories. Amethyst is the official state gemstone of South Carolina. It is known as a healing and protective stone and is said to clear the mind of any negative thoughts.

Amethyst Gift Ideas

There is undoubtedly no shortage of gift ideas featuring the gloriously coloured amethyst. Most obvious of course is jewellery, and this pretty crystal can be found in rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and cufflinks. For something a little more unusual and thoughtful, I would suggest this amethyst crystal wire wrapped tree. This attractive ornament not only looks lovely on display but is said to create powerful and positive energy around the home. It is hand-made, crafted with natural amethyst stones and has a wooden base. It is sure to be a welcome gift.

Tree of Life

Now that six years have passed, and the celebrations are complete, its time to look to the future. Perhaps its now time to start a family or maybe the household is already complete, every relationship is different as no two people are exactly alike. Together, the couple can make all their dreams come true, and always believe that anything is possible. Seven is said to be a lucky number and the next anniversary will be here before you know it, bringing with it moments to be shared and cherished.

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20 thoughts on “Iron Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas”

  1. Thank you for sharing this great ideas for anniversary wedding.

    Lily flowers are my wife’s favourite flowers and after reading this article it was quite interesting to find out that calla Lily it’s actually poisonous and also symbols the six year anniversary. I already pass my six year anniversary but the calla gift idea is my favourite, even just as a present, I think she will love it.

    • Hi – thanks for commenting on my article. Most of my gift suggestions are suitable for all occasions so I am sure your wife will enjoy whatever you choose. All the best, Diane

  2. The information revealed s totally awesome. I highly recommend this information for married people. I never knew the sixth year of marriage carries some significance.  While iron doesn’t really sound romantic, finding a beautifully crafted gift made of iron would definitely give your mate a reason to be grateful for your union. And come to think of it, iron lasts for a very long time. I may need these gift ideas six years from now.

    • Hi – thanks for reading my article and leaving a comment. I am glad you learnt something useful and hope you return to my page if you ever need any gift inspiration. All the best, Diane

  3. Thanks for this informative and educative post. I never knew calla is the flower symbol for six years anniversary not until I read this. This post came at the right time because my uncle will be celebrating is sixth wedding anniversary and I’ve contemplating on the gifts to give him but reading this has taught everything I need to know about the sixth anniversary and I know what to gift him.

    • Hi – thank you for leaving a comment. I am glad that my article has proved useful for your uncle’s upcoming sixth wedding anniversary. I am sure you will find him a suitable gift. All the best, Diane

  4. Thanks for coming up with this idea and giving thoughtful wedding anniversary gifts that one can give to his/her spouse. I personally have liked the iron gift which symbolizes the marriage strength and is also in a flower shape that shows love is still strong. A marriage needs tender loving care to ensure that it will continue to grow for many years and that can be achieved by your enormous suggestions that I never thought of.

    • Hi – thank you for reading my article and leaving comments. The iron roses are beautiful, and as you say, it shows the strength of love in a marriage. All the best, Diane

  5. Hi Diane, I like little sculptures and figurines that are made from iron. This lamp you mentioned in your article would be a great gift as a birthday present for my friend! She is having a birthday party soon and I would love to give her something with style, this is lovely and it would suit her apartment. I especially like crystals, I actually always wanted to buy a crystal tree, Rose Quartz is wonderful. I bookmarked it and I think that this time I will buy it. Energy in our home is very important and crystals help to balance it. This tree is also a beautiful decoration. Thanks for sharing this info, Best wishes, Susan

    • Hi Susan – thank you for your comments and for bookmarking my site. The lamp would be a suitable gift for any occasion. The crystal tree is beautiful, I have one in my dining room and it catches the light in the morning. All the best, Diane

  6. Hello Diane,

    I never thought of Iron as a wedding gift but what you are saying does make sense.  I have seen many couples that do not make it to 7 years so celebrating all the anniversary’s along the way is important.  The strength of iron has been around for centuries. My wife and I are going to celebrate our 10th anniversary this year.  I may look at getting something made of iron to signify the strength of our bond. It was a very informative article.  Thank you for writing it.


    • Hi Dan – thank you for your comments. Congratulations on your upcoming 10th anniversary. I hope you find a suitable gift which your wife will appreciate. All the best, Diane

  7. Hello Diane,

    when I’ve started reading Your article I’ve immediately got curious- why iron is the symbol for sixth wedding anniversary? And I’ve found the answer to be very interesting and it made a lot of sense to me why they chose to go with the iron as a symbol- as it represents the strength  and solidity. These two things perfectly describe iron as an element, and when it comes to a wedding- everybody wants to have a marriage that would totally unbreakable and fully reliable, therefore it fits perfectly here! As far as the gifts which can be made out of iron themselves go, well I have to say that I am really keen on ”Bouquet of Twist” which includes this massive two roses made out of iron which in my eyes look very elegant and extraordinary. I think they look amazing! However, I am leaning more towards the keychain, as I think it would be a bit more practical gift perhaps. It would be so awesome if this ”Bouquet of Twist” would be remade as a keychain featuring a much smaller version of these two pretty roses. Do You know are there any keychains which would come with iron roses or something in that nature? 

    All in all, thanks for such beautiful article Diane. I really enjoyed reading it and learning something new today. Keep up the great work 😉 

    • Hi – thanks for dropping by and leaving comments. I agree that the iron roses are gorgeous, but sometimes a more practical gift is appropriate. I have found a silver rose keyring here on Amazon. All the best, Diane

  8. what a helpful article, I find It hard finding presents for birthdays and Christmas so I can imagine id struggle with anniversary for sure so this is helpful for the future! I had no idea iron was the gift for 6 years! learn something new every day here! I’llbe sure to check out these gift ideas. 

    • Hi – thanks for reading my article and leaving comments. Some of my gift ideas are suitable for all occasions, including birthdays and Christmas. All the best, Diane

  9. Thank you for giving me a few suggestions of gift ideas for a 6th wedding anniversary.   

    Although it may not be a milestone one like the 5th, I  believe that it is critical for a couple to take a bit of time to appreciate this anniversary and their commitment to each other.    I have had too many friends that didn’t make it to year seven of their marriage.  

    I didn’t realize that the calla lily was the flower that symbolizes this anniversary.    I think I will be purchasing some calla lilies for my special couple’s garden.    They are beautiful flowers that can be grown outdoors here, with a little tender loving care of course.    Just like a marriage needs at this point – a little extra tender loving care to ensure that it will continue to grow for many years.  

  10. Hi Diane,

    Im so glad I found your website! My iron anniversary is in a few months and I was struggling for gift ideas. I mean how many staycations can 1 do before you get bored, right?

    I never knew there was a flower or a name for the 6th anniversary! Definitely going to get those flowers and the stones for the missus. Even tell her about why its called the iron anniversary! 

    thanks for this!


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