Garnet Stone Gift for Second Wedding Anniversary

The much celebrated second wedding anniversary is associated with the beautiful gemstone, the garnet. Ancient Romans were particularly fond of garnets. While the word garnet comes from an old English word which means dark red, it can also be found in other colours, with blue being the rarest and most valuable. The clear examples are the ones used for jewellery, ornaments and healing crystals, while the other opaque garnets are used in industry as an abrasive. The stones are mined primarily in northwestern India, but synthetic versions can also be created in laboratories. Garnet symbolises energy, health and passion, perfect for anniversaries!

Garnet Gifts

Aurora Tears Garnet Silver Pendant

If you’re looking for garnet jewellery, then this stunning silver pendant should fit the bill. It is crafted in 925 sterling silver on an 18-inch chain and is sold on Amazon by the renowned jewellery designers Aurora Tears. Please be aware that the garnet itself is very small, measuring 0.5 x 0.73 inches. I enjoy delicate jewellery, so this necklace suits me perfectly, but some may prefer something a little more significant or more substantial. It is available in many other gemstones and therefore suitable for different anniversaries or as a birthday gift, and it comes in an attractive gift box.

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Garnet Necklace

Facts About Garnet

  • They are not mined from underground

Nearly all gemstones are mined from underground, but garnets are actually found as pebbles in streams and other bodies of water. They are revealed when the metamorphic rocks which hid them are weathered away and can be found in Australia, India and North and South America.

  • They are thought to have medicinal powers

Garnets were often used in healing in Medieval times and were thought to protect the wearer from nightmares, poison and wounds. They are believed to help alleviate depression, and red garnets, in particular, are said to cure fevers, inflammatory diseases and haemorrhages. I don’t suggest you try this, always consult your doctor.

  • Not all garnets are red

Most people associate the garnet with a deep red colour, however, it comes in a variety of different shades including black or green, and can even be transparent.

Second Anniversary
  • Ancient warriors used them as protection

The Crusaders were particularly fond of garnets, believing they helped them achieve victory in battle, and would use them as protection against wounds and accidents. Asian warriors even incorporated garnets into their bullets, thinking they would inflict a more serious wound.

  • The name garnet is derived from the Greek language

The origins of this gemstone’s name come from the Greek word “granatum” which actually means pomegranate seed, and reflects the fact that garnets have a similar shape and colour.

Jewellery Making Experience

For a gift with a difference, why not treat the couple or your spouse to their own jewellery making experience in London? There are different courses to choose from, where you can create your own rings or earrings, in a specialised workshop in Hatton Garden, the heart of London’s jewellery quarter. It is suitable for beginners with the help of a friendly and experienced tutor, and you get to take your own creation home afterwards. You will always remember your second wedding anniversary, each time you admire your own hand-crafted piece of jewellery!

Second Anniversary

Songs and Poetry About Garnet

You may be surprised to learn that garnets have featured in several songs. The most well-known is that of The Snake with Eyes of Garnet, as performed by Shane MacGowan & the Popes, written in 1995. It contains the following lines:

“If you miss me on the harbour
For the boat, it leaves at three
Take this snake with eyes of garnet
My mother gave to me”

Second Anniversary

A lovely poem by M L Kiser is simply entitled Garnet and describes it as follows:

“Crimson garnet; stone of blood; it purifies, some say. Perhaps it loves us way too much; never taking time to play.”

Garnet Hanging Glass Nightlight Globe

Although jewellery is a popular choice, sometimes something a little more unusual is called for. This garnet hanging glass nightlight globe is absolutely beautiful and serves two purposes. During the day it can be hung as a friendship globe, and at night, it transforms into a tea light holder. Each globe is unique as they are hand blown from recycled glass. It comes with a stainless steel tea light holder, a tea light and an attractive ribbon, ready to hang. It is actually flat at the bottom, so can be placed on any surface. The beautiful garnet coloured globe streams light into the room.

Garnet Light

Blushing Blossoms Garnet Inspired Flowers

I can highly recommend this gorgeous bouquet, with its colours and flowers inspired by the garnet gemstone. As garnet is also the birthstone for January, this is equally suitable as a thoughtful birthday gift. A highlight of this bouquet are the beautiful pink roses, carefully chosen to match the colour of pyrope garnet. They are arranged with alstroemeria and chrysanthemums to give that wow factor. The colour of tsavorite garnet is reflected in the forest greens generously mixed throughout the bouquet.

As a gift to be remembered, the bouquet is hand-tied and a glorious mix of rainbow colours, symbolising trust and friendship. As an extra luxurious touch, it is supplied with a delightful box of handmade British truffles (these may contain nuts). For those of you who leave things to the last minute, this spectacular bouquet is available for next day delivery.

Other Options for Garnet Gifts

There are, of course, many other options, sure to delight the happy couple or your spouse on this momentous occasion. Perhaps a guardian angel pin, a garnet crystal sun catcher or an infinity promise ring. Garnet items are surprisingly affordable, with something to suit all budgets and tastes. I hope that if you are looking for garnet stone gifts for a second wedding anniversary, my suggestions have been helpful, and you have found something suitable. Please take the time to comment below, ask any questions or add your own review if you wish. I will get back to you.

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  1. I did not know that Garnets came in more than one colour nor that they originated  as pebbles found in water.  It would be great if a piece of jewellery came with a string of different coloured  garnets.  Still, suggestions for garnets of one colour  are amazing.  I would not have thought of it for a second-anniversary  gift but the idea makes sense considering what it symbolizes.

  2. Garnets are a nice stone. I had no idea they weren’t mined. I guess most of us just assume that all gems are mined from underground. I have a garnet ring as an engagement ring. Mine is a pinkish/red colour. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a black one. I’m well passed my second wedding anniversary but I certainly found this article interesting. Especially the history of how warriors used the stone as protection. Very cool. 

    • Hi – thank you for taking the time to leave comments. I am glad you found my article interesting. Your engagement ring sounds lovely. All the best, Diane

  3. Hello Diane,

    I have read your article and I must say that this article inspired me a lot like my future wife would like this type of jewellery. I am planning to get married and I think that this Garnet will suit her very nicely. I think  its price not expensive at all, it can be used for some special celebrations also. Thank you so much for sharing such a helpful article.

  4. The second wedding anniversary is something to celebrate, two whole years in marriage.   My second anniversary will be later this year and would appreciate the two in one- the Garnet hanging glass night light globe as a present.   Would you suggest something for my man that I can give him?

    • Hi – thanks for taking the time to read my article. I am sure you would love the night light globe. If your man likes jewellery, I have found a gorgeous men’s garnet necklace here on Amazon. All the best, Diane

  5. I  must say that this article helped me a lot like my wife like this type of jewellery. She has red hair and I  think that this Garnet will suit her very nicely. I  checked a price on Amazon and it is not expensive at all, it can also be used for some special celebrations. Thanks a lot for sharing such a helpful topic, we all should make our wifes happy.

    • Hi – thank you for your nice comments. I am sure the deep red colour of garnets would suit your wife perfectly. The gifts that I suggest can be used for any occasion. All the best, Diane


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