Carnation Unusual Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Perhaps, you are looking to purchase a long-lasting gift for a first wedding anniversary. If you are not inspired by anything paper-related, then it is perfectly acceptable to use the carnation theme. A bouquet of fresh carnations is a lovely idea, but won’t last much more than a week. This pretty flower is often a highlight on numerous items such as vases, mugs, scarves, tablecloths and art prints.

Those of you that have green fingers could actually grow your own carnations. They are not particularly difficult to cultivate. They can withstand cold temperatures. You could always add a packet of seeds to your gift. The happy couple could have a lasting reminder of their first wedding anniversary in their garden.

Carnation Anniversary

If the couple has a great sense of humour, you could offer them a tin of Carnation Evaporated Milk. Be sure to have their real gift close at hand to avoid any lingering disappointment!

Music fans may remember that the English rock band Oasis recorded a song called Carnation.

Alluring Alstroemeria Bouquet

Despite the name of this stunning bouquet, it does include some gorgeous pink carnations, tucked among the alstroemeria, with the addition of gypsophila and pistacia. The beautiful mix of warm colours makes it an ideal gift for any occasion, not just an anniversary, and the flowers are in a gorgeous arrangement from professional florists.

I am actually going to order this for Mother’s Day. Just to add the finishing touch, it comes with a delightful box of handmade British truffles (which may contain nuts). What could be nicer? Next day delivery is available for those who leave things to the last minute.

Carnation Anniversary

Facts About Carnations

  • Carnations are perennial flowers

As a perennial plant, carnations can live for more than two years. They also last a surprisingly long after you pick them; up to 14 days if the vase has daily fresh water.

  • They are the national flower of many countries

The countries which have adopted the carnation as their national flower include Monaco, Slovenia and Spain. It is also the state flower for Ohio and is the symbol for fraternities.

  • Carnations are a flavouring agent

Surprisingly, carnations are often an addition to wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks, to impart a unique flavour.

  • They are the birth flower for those born in January

People born in January can celebrate their birthday with a carnation inspired gift. Pink carnations are traditional in Mother’s Day bouquets and can decorate tuxedos on a special occasion.

  • The Latin word for carnation is Dianthus

The correct term for a carnation is Dianthus, which actually means “flower of the gods”.

Bomb Cosmetics Carnation Gift Set

This is a gorgeous set, with the cute title of “what in carnation?” and comprises of handmade bath products. It contains two bath melts, two bath blasters and a slice of soap, all created from floral scents and pure essential oils. Each product in the gift set has its own name as follows; Harajuku Girl Bath Creamer, Pink Lady Bath Blaster, Porcelain Peony Bath Blaster, Ring of Roses Soap Slice and Vintage Vibe Bath Mallow.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Gift Set

Each of the products has different properties to enhance your bath time experience, as they are either comforting, exciting, moisturising soothing and even stimulating! Some of the essential oils imparting their lovely fragrances include amyris, frankincense, geranium, ginger and hemp seed. They also have the fragrance of jasmine, subtle floral spices, powdery rosehip, pink pepper and white lily.

They are made entirely by hand and none of the ingredients is tested on animals. I bought this set for my daughter, and the only criticism I would make is that all the items are individually wrapped in plastic. That shouldn’t be happening in this day and age, I am sure that using tissue paper would be more environmentally friendly.

Artificial Peach Carnation Plant

One of the nicest ideas I have seen is this artificial 15cm peach carnation plant, with the colour alone making it unique. It comes in a silver-grey gift box which shows off the flowers to their best advantage, making it unnecessary to wrap it. The delicate flowers themselves are made of the finest materials including blended silk, ensuring a realism and botanical accuracy that is quite uncanny. The best manufacturing techniques are in use to create a realistic appearance, complete with the frilly edges to the petals, one of the carnation’s most notable features.

Carnation Anniversary

The carnations are UV resistant to ensure that they retain their vibrant colour, but don’t have the unpleasant waxy coating often found on inferior versions. Some may think that foliage shaping is necessary, but that is up to personal preference; speaking for myself, I don’t think its necessary, as you want the plant to look natural, rather than sculpted. The plant has a realistic natural texture and is supplied in its own decorative white pot. Although meant for indoor use, it can be placed outside if in a sheltered area and protected from extreme weather conditions. It should not be allowed to get wet.

This charming plant itself has a height of 15cm (5.9″), with the gift box measuring 20cm (7.9″) x 10cm (3.9″) x 9cm (3.5″).

A Recommended Gift

I am happy to recommend this beautiful plant for all occasions and it would be equally suitable for somebody with a birthday in January, as it is their birth month flower. It would also be appreciated as a Mother’s day gift.

Please study the dimensions carefully, as it is actually smaller than I thought it would be. It looks lovely on a desk or windowsill and is sure to be a talking point. Other types of flowers are also available in many different colours. It is on sale through Amazon and the manufacturer is Closer2Nature.

Carnation Gift

I hope you found these gift suggestions for a carnation wedding anniversary useful. If you have any questions or would like to add your own ideas, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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  1. Hi there, this is another wonderful way of celebrating a first year anniversary. I must say u have done a great job by coming up with this article on carnations wedding anniversary gifts ideas. As a lover of green, I will personally love to grow my own carnations gifts, since it’s easy to plant and can easily withstand any form of cold temperatures in my gardens 

  2. This is a perfect gift, I should send you to post to my husband so he can get it right the next time because every time it is our anniversary he buys me something that seems to be more for himself than for me….a new telly,…a new speaker….what about flowers? yes, and I love the idea that rather than waste a flower that would die rather soon, you can get something representing a flower like the beautiful carnation but will last much longer. The Cosmetic Set is definitely my favourite!

    • Hi – thank you for taking the time to leave comments. I hope your husband  gets the hints and buys you something nice next time, such as that gorgeous cosmetics kit. All the best, Diane

  3. This really came at the right time. My friend will be having his first wedding anniversary and I have really been looking for the perfect gift to gift her that will match the anniversary but this article has really informed me on what gift to give him. This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. What a beautiful gift and overall idea. I think this is perfect to replace those flowers that are not gonna last or just giving this gift in conjunction with flowers would be so special. So simple and elegant looking as well! I had not heard of doing such a thing, is it only done like this with carnations?

    • Hi – thank you for reading my review. Yes, it is ideal as a lasting gift rather than perishable real flowers. Every wedding anniversary is represented by a different flower, so a similar idea could be used for each year. All the best, Diane  

  5. Diane, Hello! 

    It is great that you provide the reader with joy when meeting with your fine gifts. I was again lucky to see such a tender plant on your site.  The artist put into his making talent and beautiful delicate fabrics. 

    The the flower is no different from the natural, and the gift box and the exterior design support beauty. It will decorate any place in the room. Certainly, this is a wonderful gift, peach-coloured carnation, and I will use your precise advice. 

    Very grateful. Mark

    • Hi Mark – thank you for your kind comments. I am glad you enjoyed the review and I hope you found it useful when thinking of a gift to buy. All the best, Diane

  6. This peach carnation plant is so pretty! I love that shade of peach. I never thought of giving paper flowers for a first year wedding anniversary gift, but what a perfect idea! 

    You get to go with the theme of the paper, it’s beautiful, and it’s not too expensive. I love this and I’m going to keep it in mind the next time I need a perfect gift for a first wedding anniversary.

    Thank you for the great review!

    • Hi Christina – thank you for commenting on my review. It really is a pretty gift and suitable for other occasions too. All the best, Diane

  7. Hello!

    You wrote a review for a product which would be ideal as a gift. It looks nice and I think the idea is very good. I like the fact that carnations are UV resistant which means that they retain their vibrant colour.

    Anyway, good idea for a gift, especially as you said for a wedding anniversary, keep up the good work!

  8. Hey there Diane, 

    Thanks for this review on this carnation plant.  I was actually looking to buy a gift for an incoming wedding and this plant looks actually wonderful. I really like this shade of pink. And well, it’s absolutely budget-friendly, which is what I  was looking for.  It’s great that you mention the dimensions in your article as I  first thought the plant would be bigger than that. But otherwise, great gift, I’ll put it on my list. Thanks!

    • Hi Ben – thanks for stopping by. It’s perfect for a wedding or anniversary. It may be on the small side but it looks great on a desk or windowsill. All the best, Diane


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