Leather Gifts 3rd Wedding Anniversary

The third wedding anniversary is not one that is particularly easy to buy for. Leather makes for an unusual gift and you may think there is little to choose from. My personal recommendation is this vintage leather book, which is not only attractive but could have so many uses too.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea

Foremost, it is perfect as a photo album, and actually includes a selection of photo corners, clear and coloured. There are 30 pages, of a thickness that means that both sides can be used, with no danger of glue seeping through if used. Altogether there is space for more than 100 photos, whether 6×4 or 7×5. Refills are available, and the book can hold up to 50 pages.

Those that are more creative will enjoy using it a scrapbook. A useful stencil page full of reusable plastic number and letters is included, perfect for adding a little flair to each page. A gold or silver pen would be ideal for adding personal notes or messages, contrasting with the black pages.

It could also be used as a journal, a travel diary or postcard album.

Luxurious, Yet Durable

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The cover is high quality, and although not made of real leather, it still has a luxuriously soft feel, and is strong and durable, for years of use. The engraved picture, using Convex-concave Embossing Technology is so pretty, showing a silhouette of a lady in a long dress, made of butterflies. If preferred, it also comes in vibrant red colour with beige pages. The stainless steel ring binder element is anti-rust, and the book fastens with a leather rope, embellished with a metal butterfly.

The butterfly girl vintage leather book comes in its own gift box. It measures 20.5 x 5 x 27.5 cm and weighs 721g. It is available from Amazon, and the seller, Xiujuan, guarantees to inspect each item before dispatch.

I am happy to recommend this product as it has a luxurious feel at an affordable price.

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Leather Gift

Pencil and Reading Glasses Case

If the book doesn’t appeal to you, why not consider this vintage retro gift? Handmade from genuine leather, each one is unique with its own patterning and grain texture. It is ideal for everyday use, to hold glasses, pens and pencils, headphones or art supplies. I personally use mine for my make-up brushes! It has an unusual S-shaped zip design, which allows it to fold out flat. The soft leather pouch measures 19 x 5.1 x 6.4 cm and weighs 45.4g.

Leather Anniversary Gift Idea

Being made of high-quality cowhide leather, treated with oils for longevity, its appearance varies from dark brown to black, and the interior has a soft to the touch velvet lining. It comes in an attractive foil stamped gift box and is available from Amazon.

Leather Gift

Although, I am happy to recommend this product, please check the dimensions carefully. It is really only suitable for smaller-framed glasses.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you have any questions about the butterfly girl vintage leather book or the pencil and reading glasses case, or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

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14 thoughts on “Leather Gifts 3rd Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Hello there Diane,

    thank You for such an informative article, I’ve really enjoyed reading it. And thanks for introducing me to this amazing gift idea. When it comes to the vintage leather book, I have to say I am really digging this product and see it potentially being a very unique, interesting and practical gift. I truly admire the design of it- for me, it looks like a beautiful combination between classy & elegant design mixed with vintage style, which gives this luxurious look to it. I am also very pleased to know that the build quality of this leather book is high and feels spectacular in hands, sporting that soft and strong feel.  Another huge bright side for me is the fact that it offers a  great longevity & durability, therefore someone who has it will be able to enjoy this gift for quite some time while still maintaining that new &  fresh look! I also really appreciate that creators chose to go with fake leather rather than real, as I am majorly against killing animals and using real leather in any products or any circumstances at all.

    Keep up the great work Diane and Happy New Year to You! 😉

    • Hi – thank you for your thoughtful comments. As you say, this vintage leather book is unique, elegant and practical, the ideal gift for any occasion. All the best and happy new year, Diane.

  2. I know my sister would love to have that vintage leather book and I will make it a surprise gift for her on the seventh day of this coming new year which is her birthday although I will get some other stuff I’m sure she will appreciate this.Thanks,   for this awesome recommendation.

  3. I love leather stuff, very steampunk-like and having a notebook to carry around would be a swell addition to my collection. I have about 200 photos collected from a photo booth from my previous event and I’m thinking of getting a unique photobook to paste all those pictures, do you think having too many photos pasted would damage the leather in the long run? 

    • Hi – thank you for your comments. It is definitely steampunk style which I love. The book is supplied with photo corners, so no actual pasting is required, keeping the leather in perfect condition. All the best, Diane

  4. This is an interesting item to consider for an anniversary gift, especially for those who are simplistic in nature. No that I look at it, it is definitely something that I would consider to buy as an anniversary gift for my wife or for other married couples. I also like the other related post. Good ideas to look into.

    • Hi – thanks for adding your comments. I am glad you have enjoyed reading my suggestions and have hopefully got some ideas for future gifts. All the best, Diane

  5. This is a nice recommendation for those who are amiss thinking of what to give to a loved one as a gift. I love it’s a unique feature of documenting memorable events through pictures at the same time providing adequate space for recording things.

    The protective leather cover protects it against harsh weather conditions making it durable.

    • Hi – thanks for reading my review. I think it’s a nice gesture to give something unique to keep memories for the future. All the best, Diane

  6. As I was reading this post I was getting my hopes up that this would be a real leather book case.  It is not but is very pretty and hardy so I guess that makes up for it.

    I am glad it can be used as a diary and journal beside other uses you mention.  It will look good in a bedroom, to say the least!  I am sure people will find many more uses for it.  I like collecting stamps and they will look very authentic in this case.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Stella – thanks for your comments. Yes, it looks and feels like real leather, but at a fraction of the price. That’s a clever idea to use it as a stamp album, it would work really well for that purpose. All the best, Diane

  7. I pretty sure my wife would love that vintage leather book,  How much time would you think it would take to get it delivered to Australia.  Can’t think of anything worse than giving a late anniversary present. Not sure my wife would be too impressed.  I can imagine it filled with photos of family and treasured moments

    Sam Frederiksen – webmaster – bestplace2

    • Hi Sam – oh my, I really have no idea as to whether it could actually be shipped to Australia, I guess you would have to contact the seller on Amazon. If not, I hope you find something similar which your wife will appreciate. All the best, Diane


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