Bronze Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Unique Celebration

Why is Bronze the Symbol for the Eighth Anniversary?

As bronze is an amalgamation of tin and copper, so it can be seen that marriage is the joining of two people, who together are stronger. It represents the strength that has been achieved over eight years, combining time and perseverance. Bronze is said to have healing powers and can symbolise the healthy state of marriage, overcoming any challenges and obstacles by working together as a couple. As bronze today is mainly used for electrical connectors, it’s hardly the most romantic of materials!

History and Facts Pertaining to Bronze

Bronze is an interesting metal, being an alloy, composed of copper and tin, that may also include aluminium, nickel or zinc. The bronze age heralded widespread use of this metal, primarily for armour, tools and weapons, as it was the hardest material available at the time. The origin of its name is uncertain but is thought to have come from one of the Romance languages, either French or Italian. Bronze artefacts were seen as a sign of wealth and status, and in China, in particular, were used for elite burial ceremonies.

Bronze Anniversary

Gift Ideas for a Unique Celebration

The nice thing about bronze being the appropriate anniversary gift is that the item doesn’t have to be made of the metal, but can simply be bronze-coloured, giving a wider range of options. A bronze photo frame would be a welcome addition to any modern home. Wind chimes can be found in bronze and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, adding their merry tunes. For something unusual, perhaps more suitable for an old-fashioned or traditional house, is a bronze door knocker. Sculptures in bronze are easy to find but may be a little more expensive.

Which Flower Represents the Eighth Anniversary?

The beautiful and delicate lilac symbolises eight years of marriage. Lilacs are known for their delicate pale purple flowers, although other colours can be found, and is often used as an attractive ornamental plant in gardens throughout Europe. Astonishingly, it can grow up to 23 feet high and is usually the first of the early summer flowers to bloom, lending its sweet fragrance to its surroundings. The purple variety symbolises first love, while other colours represent purity, innocence, spirituality, happiness and tranquillity. Lilacs are one of the few plants that have no poisonous aspects, either to humans or animals.

Lilacs as Represented in Popular Media

Lilacs are a popular subject in art, music and poetry. Here is an extract from one of my favourites by an Australian poet, who writes under the pen name of artyjules.

“Shades of lilac in a daydream,
The scent of blossoms in the air,
As her thoughts drift gently upstream,
Safe from summer’s brightened glare.”

Lilac Anniversary

Would you believe there are over 600 songs which feature lilacs in their lyrics? One of the most famous is “Lilac Wine” by the English vocalist Elkie Brooks, which reached number 16 in the UK singles charts in 1978. The song has been covered by numerous other artists including Eartha Kitt, Nina Simone and Katie Melua.   

One of the most famous artworks featuring this delicate flower is “White Lilacs in a Glass Vase” by the French modernist painter, Edouard Manet, painted in 1882, and currently on display in Berlin. Another renowned painting is that which is simply entitled “The Lilacs” and is by the Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel, painted in the year 1900.

Lilac Gift Ideas for Eight Years of Marriage.

As lilac has a lovely sweet scent, it is easy to find lilac fragranced gifts such as decorative candles. Many perfumes incorporate lilac as one of their base notes. Of course, the plant itself would make a great gift and can be kept indoors as required. How about a pretty art print depicting this attractive flower? For a long-lasting reminder of the eighth anniversary, you could purchase a lilac tree, and a dwarf variety, such as Palabin, would be ideal for a patio or smaller garden. Having said that, the one I have has actually reached over four feet tall, which I wasn’t expecting!

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Lilac Tree

Of course, lilac is a colour as well, and a welcome gift would be a beautiful bouquet based on the varying shades found in Monet’s painting of a water-lily pond. This spectacular flower arrangement features Memory Lane Roses with their dark purple petals fading to a soft lilac colour. The bouquet also features a single stem of Ammi, a stunning white summer flower, to add lightness.

Is There a Gemstone for Eight Years?

The gemstone for an eight year anniversary is tourmaline, known for its psychic and healing properties. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone, usually black, but can be found in a huge variety of other colours. It was introduced to Europe from the mines of Sri Lanka but is now harvested from Brazil and Africa. The more unusual colours of mint green and raspberry pink can be found in California and were used by Native Americans in their funeral ceremonies. Tourmaline is known as a talisman of protection and was used by ancient magicians to protect them from demons when casting spells. It has magnetic properties, and when rubbed, one end becomes positive, and the other negative.

Eighth Anniversary

Tourmaline Gifts for an Eighth Anniversary

Jewellery is, of course, the obvious choice for a tourmaline gift, and can be surprisingly affordable. Suggestions include earrings, pendants and rings, all available in an astonishing range of colours. My personal choice would be this beautiful pink tourmaline tree of life pendant, exclusively designed by GinoMay. It has white simulated diamonds set in sterling silver and is presented in an elegant gift box. I actually bought this as a gift for a friend, as tourmaline is also the gemstone for a February birthday.

Tree of Life

So, now we have reached the end of the eighth year of marriage. What important milestones and events could be on the horizon? Couples will undoubtedly be comfortable in each other’s presence and have established a home routine, enjoying family life together. Onwards to the next anniversary.

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  1. This is a wonderful article, thank you for sharing it.

    I didn’t know about the  Eighth year Anniversary and that it belongs to the metal Bronze, very interesting indeed.

    I only know 25 years, which is the Silver Wedding, 50 years belongs to the Golden Wedding and 65 years is the Diamond Wedding? Not sure about the last one.

    A a few months back a friend of mine who’s daughter is getting married this Spring has talked to me about each and every year of a marriage and what it means. However, I didn’t write it down.

    I love it to celebrate one’s love and your article is very detailed when it comes to the eighth year of marriage.

    Didn’t know that Lilac is the featured flower because it is one of the favourite flowers. I also love crystal in gemstones in all variations, good to know that the pink tourmaline also belongs to this wedding anniversary.

    These are all great Gift ideas, thanks for sharing, appreciated.

  2. Hi! I really appreciate these great suggestions. There where a couple of things I learned about bronze reading your post. I like the fact that bronze, being an amalgamation, can illustrate marriage as the joining of two people, who together are stronger.

    The fact that the name “bronze” could descend from a Romance language, and that it could be Italian, has also special implications for us.

    And I know Lilacs also have a very special meaning, besides being an attractive ornamental plant. Thank you very much for this post!

  3. Bronzes is a unique metal and could be uncommon times but It all depends on where you are and you immediate residence. Bronze as a quality metal could be expensive and it equally depends on the percentage of impurity of the said bronze. Well, I will like to know why bronze is used as eight anniversary.

  4. Wow! So insightful. I love the simplicity at which you write, Short, precise and straight to point. I might need to bookmark this page right away for my cousins eight wedding anniversary. When I heard about tourmaline gifts, I had no idea what it could be, your article had to be helpful as regards that.

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    This is a great informative article about Bronze Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Unique Celebration. Actually I  would not even know this information if I did not read your article. Many of our relatives still believe in their old culture when they celebrate their anniversary and old gift exchange is a tradition for them. I am going to share this unique idea with them. I believe it will be very interesting to them. I  am going to check some bronze products in Amazon also. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

  6. The anniversary of a marriage is a wonderful thing and I don’t see any reason why I should not get my spouse a gift. I don’t want to sound cheap but I think based on expenses bronze would be the better option for me as I can use it to bronze colour the gift I am intending on getting my spouse which would make it have a majestic feel.

    The other options are amazing but they probably might be expensive. Aside from bronze, can you please identify which of these options would not cost a lot just in case I decide to change my mind.

    • Hi – thank you for reading my article. Yes, you are correct, bronze can be expensive. Perhaps a piece of jewellery might be more suitable, such as the tourmaline pendant. I am sure your wife will be delighted with whatever you choose. All the best, Diane


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