Carnation Unusual Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Perhaps, you are looking to purchase a long-lasting gift for a first wedding anniversary. If you are not inspired by anything paper-related, then it is perfectly acceptable to use the carnation theme. A bouquet of fresh carnations is a lovely idea, but won’t last much more than a week. This pretty flower is often a highlight on numerous items such as vases, mugs, scarves, tablecloths and art prints.

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Unique Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The first wedding anniversary is a momentous one. It should be a stylish celebration, bringing back happy memories of the wedding day, and maybe the honeymoon. Perhaps it is your friends and family who are celebrating. Maybe you are searching for ideas for your husband or wife. Here I have some suggestions as to unique gifts which will leave a lasting impression.

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Gift Ideas for a First Wedding Anniversary 2020

Ideas or a Paper Wedding Anniversary 2020

You may think that celebrating wedding anniversaries is a relatively modern tradition. In reality, the practice dates back to the Roman Empire. However, only for the 25th and the 50th anniversary. This remained the case until the onset of the Victorian era when the other anniversaries were named with their own specific gifts, flower and gemstone.

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